At Rhythm Systems, our Core Purpose is to change the world one entrepreneur at a time. Our greatest days are when clients let us know how much we have helped them grow their firm and people. Take a look at each strategic plan example and enjoy their success stories.

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  • Developed and released their new product in 6 months
  • Increased efficiency in R&D by 300%
  • Take Rockefeller Habits to the next level

"If it wasn't for Rhythm, we would not have been able to hit our objectives with the same frequency or execution discipline to allow us to launch our product this quickly."
- Chris Tinsley, CTO AvidXchange

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BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy




  • Helps the team stay accountable
  • Helps execute plans in a timely, logical fashion

"Rhythm helps you stay accountable to the strategic plan and then to execute."
- Dr. Steve Vogt, President/CEO BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Boston Centerless

Boston Centerless talks about Rhythm

  • Complete our objectives 2X faster  
  • Establish plans, implement them and track them in a much more expeditious fashion

"Without Rhythm, our sales transformation process would have dragged on for a year plus."
Steve Tamasi, CEO Boston Centerless

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White Lodging

White Lodging using Rhythm Software

  • Successfully aligned over 160 hotels against #1 goal
  • Improved ability to fill management positions on time by 47%

"Using our Coach and Rhythm software has allowed us to laser focus in on our issues and take action against them."
- Bryan Hayes, Chief Operating Officer - Select Service, Hospitality Management

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Mobility Works using Rhythm Software

  • Achieved record revenues and profits last year
  • Successfully expanded from 14 to 20 showrooms in less than 2 years
  • Increased billing by 8,000 more hours in 2011 compared with 2010

"Using Rhythm Coaching with software was equivalent to adding an entire store to the bottom line."
- Eric Mansfield, Head of Commercial Division

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Dutch Valley

Dutch Valley using Rhythm Software

  • Dutch Valley expects to achieve $500,000 in savings
  • The whole team is in sync, accountable and marching toward their BHAG

"With the focus and alignment that Rhythm Coaching with Software provided, we were able to drive execution to a higher level and bring our strategic plan to life."
- Tom Stone, Vice President of Human Resources

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Hostopia using Rhythm Software

  • Successfully sold the company for 2X the publicly traded valuation (they were trading at $4.50 per share on the Toronto Stock Exchange and sold for $10.55 per share)

"Rhythm Coaching with Software helped us to eliminate the surprises, stay focused on the most important things and get them done."
- Colin Campbell, CEO

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Simms Fishing

Simms Fishing

  • Coordinated multiple departments for a successful direct to consumer website

"Using Rhythm, we have handily exceeded our sales goals."
K.C. Walsh, CEO-Simms Fishing

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