Have a Planning Session with a Rhythm Strategic Planning Consultant

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Annual Planning Session

A Rhythm Systems Consultant can do a private business strategy session with your team at a location of your choice. They will help set your year up for success. You will clearly define company and individual priorities, develop success metrics, and determine a theme for the year. 

Part 1: Strategic Thinking

  • Work on 1-2 long term strategies (BHAG, Brand Promise, Core Values, Winning Moves)

Part 2: Execution Planning

  • Develop specific annual priorities with success metrics
  • Develop quarterly company and individual priorities with success metrics
  • Determine the 12 month path of progress to keep your plan on track
  • Develop a communication plan to share with the rest of the company

Here are 2 blogs to help you decide between doing it yourself or hiring an expert.










Dr. Steve Vogt, President/CEO BioPlus Pharmacy, explains the benefits of having a Rhythm Consultant facilitate your strategic planning meeting.


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Quarterly Planning Session

Quarterly Planning



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Every quarter is a 13 week race.  To win the 13 week race you need a plan for the quarter that your team is excited to execute. One that maps a clear course to achieving critical goals for the company, for departments and for individuals.  During quarterly planning sessions you will:

  • Review the previous year/quarter for results, bright spots and lessons learned
  • Determine your focus for the quarter and metrics to measure it
  • Commit to your top 3-5 company priorities and set success metrics
  • Commit to individual priorities and set success metrics
  • Develop a communication plan to share with the rest of the company

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