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Learn how to achieve your business goals by implementing strong habits around Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning and Doing the Work. Become part of the Certified Rhythm community today!

“This was an eye opener for me! … I think it is important for all team members to take this certification program
to really get the full benefit out of Rhythm Software.”
Caroline Corbett, Church Hill Classics 

Getting started on the Rhythm Certification journey is easy! Individual users can own their own path and learn at their own pace. If you lead a team, ask them all to become Rhythm Certified Users. It is a great way to establish a common language and knowledge base about the Rhythm methodology and tool. Whether your goal is personal development or team acceleration, the Certification program will ensure you realize the full value and benefit of your Rhythm investment. Good luck!
After completing this certification, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to implement Think Plan Do™ in your organization.  All Rhythm Certified Fansrhythm-book-1.png understand:
  • The basic Rhythm Methodology, its key components and why each matters
  • The differences and connections between Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning and Doing the Work
  • The common language and habits necessary to succeed week after week, quarter after quarter, and year after year

 This certification is free and open to everyone in your organization.  It is the pre-requisite for all other certifications. The only requirement to get started is a Rhythm book. If you don't already have one, you may purchase a hard copy here, or download a Kindle version.

Read more about the courses included in this certification.

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New: Here's a fast-track Fan Certification for clients who want to get to the software certification faster!


After completing this certification, you will understand the connection between strategy and execution, and be able to confidently navigate Rhythm Software to record an “execution-ready” plan to successfully run your 13-Week Race™. All Rhythm Certified Users:
  • Are completely comfortable navigating Rhythm Software
  • Establish consistent habits, meetings and usage throughout their company
  • Are able to write and record effective priorities and Red Yellow Green™ success criteria
  • Understand how to develop and build effective Key Performance Indicators
  • Use Rhythm effectively for Weekly Adjustment Meetings and collaboration
  • Understand the power and value of the tool their company has invested in

This certification is free and open to all current Rhythm Software subscribers (must have username and password). Rhythm Fan Certification must be completed as a pre-requisite.

Read more about the courses included in this certification.

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After completing this certification, you will have full access to all Rhythm data and the ability to provide systems administration of the software for your company. 

All Rhythm Certified Experts:
  • Act as the internal Rhythm resource for all users
  • Manage users and teams 
  • Set access and viewing restrictions for all users and teams
  • Troubleshoot errors and help their team
This certification is free and reserved for only 1-2 people in your company. Becoming a Certified Rhythm Expert is by invitation only and requires approval from the CEO of your company. Candidates must also be Certified Rhythm Users.
If you think you are the best candidate at your company to become part of an elite group of Rhythm Certified Experts, you may nominate yourself by contacting Paige Wilcox.
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