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How do I add my Priorities in Rhythm?

Once you have your Priorities for the Quarter, here's how to add them in Rhythm.

In Rhythm, Priorities are the top projects or goals you are working on for the quarter. Once you've had your planning session with your team and determine which 3-5 Priorities to focus on this quarter, you are ready to add them in Rhythm.

Record Priorities

The fastest way to add a Priority in Rhythm is to scroll down on the Dashboard screen and hit the '+' button next to Priorities.

  1. Give your Priority a name that includes a verb - make it clear and specific.
  2. Set your Red-Yellow-Green success criteria. Clarify and align around the specific outcome for this priority.
  3. Determine if this Priority is a main focus for the whole Team or for you as an Individual.
  4. Establish one clear Owner to ensures someone is accountable for this Priority.
  5. Set the Start and End Dates.
  6. Hit "Details" on the pop up to open the Priority Summary screen.
  7. Scroll down the page to the "Parent Items" and choose '+' to link this Priority to the goals it supports. (Hint: If this is an Individual Priority, it should probably link to a Team Priority for the quarter. If it is a Team Priority, it might link up to a Company level Team Priority or to one of your Team's Annual Initiatives.)