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Annual Planning Webcast Q&A (Annual Planning - 2017)

Thank you to everyone for attending my webcast on Friday.  I have received feedback that it was very Calander_Jan_1sthelpful as everyone starts to get ready for Annual Planning 2012.  As promised - here are some of the questions and answers from Friday. 
Question:  Are there tools that can help us manage and develop KPI's for timeline based key initiatives?  
You might want to consider some project management tools for timeline based stuff - like 37signals BaseCamp product.  We also have a service here at Rhythm Systems that provides tools together with our coaching that we call Rhythm Elite.  We use our software system,Rhythm, to manage both priorities and KPIs.  
Question:  When is the best time to share the plan for 2012 - before the year starts or at the beginning?"
Best time is when your team is most receptive.  What is the rhythm or cadence for your company?  If your team likes to let things sit and marinate in their brains, then meet before the year starts.  If they are more likely to forget when the year begins after New Year celebrations, then kick off the year strong by sharing the 2012 plan at the start of the year.
Question:  When you use the term "green" what do you mean by it?  ie: green goal
I use a Red/Yellow/Green method to set success criteria, described in my book, Execute Without Drama.  So in my model:
- Green = the Goal
- Red = Failure
- Yellow = needs some help (Between red and green)
- SuperGreen =  the Stretch Goal that your "A" Players crave for
Question:  I want to focus on customer and employee satisfaction over the next year.  Is 100% customer satisfaction a realistics SHAG"
I would suggest using RedYellowGreen to set up success criteria.  100% satisfaction seems a little unrealistic and potentially demotivating for your team.  But then again...  I do not know your team.  Every team is different.   You could set a GREEN Goal that is shy of 100%, say 95%.  And then set your SuperGreen Goal to be 100%.  remember, in this method, Green = Success, and SuperGreen is the overachievement.  Better to have a Green Goal that people can hit and a SuerGreen goal to drive further ambition.
Question:  What do you do when you have a multi-office organization and each office has a different issue or thrust that they need to solve to move forward?"
Here is what some of our clients do to resolve that: 
1.  Have the firm come up with the theme for the company and top 3 initiatives.
2.  Then have each office or department come up with their plan, where 1 or 2 initiatives line up with the company's plan, leaving a good amount of energy for the department or office initiatives.  
3.  The Office or department's initiatives then go on the department's plan to complete their plan.
Where do I get the previous webcast about Critical Numbers?   Here you go!
Where do I get the tools used at the webcast?   Right Here!
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