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Business Execution - Getting Focused!

It takes discipline to focus.  Many of us might fool ourselves into thinking we are focused.  Here are some Woman_on_Laptopsigns that you may not be as focused as you would like to believe:
  • At the end of the week, you are asked what you did this week and nothing great comes to mind.  Yup, it was a good work week.  I worked hard, really hard.  And I did the usual stuff, you know, meetings to drive my team forward, etc…"
  • You finish each day tired, without a deep sense of accomplishment.
  • When asked what is your number 1 priority, you think: "Well…  I have 5 number ones…"
Try an age old formula to get more focused:
  • Make a list of 3-5 priorities, in order.  Start your day and think about what you need to get done in order of priority.
  • Decide to remain focused on #1 and get it done before moving on to #2.
  • When you complete all the items on your list, your day is done.  Celebrate your victories and enjoy the rest of your day.  This makes you stronger for tomorrow.