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Annual Planning: Consider the Greatest Business Decisions of All Time (Annual Planning - 2017)

As you think about 2013 and plan for a great year, learn from the greatest business decisions of all time.  After all, your company is a collection of all the business decisions that you have made, both good and bad ones.  It does not take a genius to know that making better decisions will get you stronger results.  As you think about your top 5 key initiatives for 2013, consider reading Verne Harnish's new book, launching on Oct 2, and learn from the patterns of great business decisions.  

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Verne Harnish's new book The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time launches Oct 2, 2012.  Click on  to hear from Verne and receive 2 free instructional videos on this site.

Question:  How can you apply these patterns of great business decisions to your annual planning for 2013?