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When to Adjust Your Plan in the Middle of the Quarter?

"So Patrick...  We built a great plan during our quarterly planning session.  Now it's week 4, and I can Think_Rhythmalready see that some priorities were not planned right.  Should we change the goal?  The Red-Yellow-Green?  Should we delete a priority? Can we add one?"

I am asked the above question quite often.  After planning, should we change the plan?  Well, I have never seen a perfect plan.  Once the real world meets your plan, life happens and we need to adapt and adjust.  So the questions are "How do we adjust?" "What can we adjust?"  "What should we NOT adjust?"

Consider the following, and it should help you to figure out if you should adjust and if so how:

  • We need to recall the original plan, so that we can learn and be more aware as a company or a team.
  • We need to make the necessary adjustments on the ground to win this quarter.  
  • We don't want to use an excuse to make our plan easier and not stretch to make it

So as you adjust your plan:

  • Keep the main thing for the quarter in mind - this should not change
  • Ask how we can accelerate to achieve the main thing?  What did we learn from the real world?
  • How do we adjust the success criteria when necessary and KEEP the original success criteria or goal definition so that we can learn from our adjustments?

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