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How To Test That You Have A Strong Execution Plan For The New Quarter

Q2 just began.  Hopefully we have all gotten our Q2 plans done and are ready for a great quarter. I always suggest that we QA our plans before we get rolling into the quarter.  Wouldn't it be great to know before the quarter begins if your plan focuses and aligns your team?  If it does not, fix it now before jumping into the quarter with a less than optimized plan.

A great plan gives you 100% confidence for the quarter.  Confidence allows you to set the tone and get everyone excited and executing strongly.  Here are 2 simple tests you can perform to check for focus and alignment.

  • Test for focus:  Do you have a clear Main Thing for the quarter? Can everyone say what the quarter is all about? You need this for good team focus.
  • Test for alignment:  Are people's priorities aligned to achieving the company's top 5 goals?

For our clients using Rhythm software, use the Company EnergyMap to test your plan.  The EnergyMap has the company priorities on the left, with squares on the right of the chart.  Each square represents a team member's priority.  Hence if you have 5 priorities, you will have 5 squares on the energymap.  You can now visually see how teams priorities map to your company priorities.  You can immediately see how much energy is being applied by your team towards making each company priority happen.

The first image below shows a plan with strong alignment, where the team's priorities are lined up nicely with the top 5 goals, and more importantly, lots of energy applied to accomplishing the #1 priority.  Awesome. The second image shows priorities of your team mapping to the company top 5, however, not enough priorities are going towards accomplishing the #1 goal. 

Figure #1:  Strong alignment to accomplishing your #1 Priority


Figure #2:  Poor alignment to #1.  Not enough energy being applied to accomplish your #1 Priority


If your Energymap looks like the second image, you might want to think about shifting some focus and priorities towards making #1 happen.


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