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DO It Today... Not Tomorrow

Let's do it tomorrow....  Let's deal with it in our weekly status meeting tomorrow... Let's wait for his/her approval...  These are all seemingly valid reasons to do tomorrow what you can do today.  Procrastination is anti-execution.  Procrastination provides your competition with time to catch you and sneak past you.

 Here are 3 reasons to do today and not wait for tomorrow:

  1. Speed over your competition.  Is your competition going to wait a day?  
  2. Results and value diminish with delays.  Ever tried to put out a press release 1 week late?  Less impact, less attention and less value when you do.
  3. Free up your brain.  When you procrastinate, you keep stuff in your brain that stops you from working on something else.  Clogs up your brain.  Do it, get it out, get it done and free up your brain to work on something else!

Laptop Work-3

And that's lesson #113:  Do it Today... Not tomorrow