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How To Use Critical Numbers To Move Big Rocks

I am going to be sharing about how to use Critical Numbers to move big rocks and achieve great things organizational_alignmentwith your team. It is so important to know what the most important thing to do is and stay focused on it until your team crosses the finish line. Stephen Covey said it best a long time ago when he said "Begin with the end in mind" in his mega seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. My clients shared with me that often they do begin with the end in mind. Unfortunately, they were not able to continue and complete their quarters and years with the end in mind.

Somewhere along the way, stuff got in the way and focus gets diffused. What should they do to maintain this focus after they began with the end in mind? And this is compounded exponentially when you have to get your entire team to begin and stay focused on a singular thing until you cross the finish line and win as a team.

How about you? Are you experiencing any difficulties finishing with the end in mind? If you are, view my Critical Numbers Webcast .   I used a tool in the webcast to help with the process. Enjoy!   I hope you find this helpful.