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(Archive) Daily Huddle: How Do You Use Your Critical Number?

daily huddleYour daily huddle is fast and sharp. It's a quick sync up that helps your team align for the day. It is not for solving problems. When we do learn about problems in the daily huddle, we take it offline with the right few people to solve it.

Keeping the above in mind, take your critical number for the quarter and create a daily question that you ask in the daily huddle. It is a reminder question, you are not looking for an answer. So why a question instead of a statement? Research shows that questions automatically engage our brains into thinking mode. So think of this as a reminder in the form of a question.

Example. If your critical number is "number of installed customers" with a goal of 12, your daily question might be: "what are we doing today to make sure we can install 12 customers this quarter?" Sometimes it might jog someone's mind and you do get an action item with that question. And that's great. The goal is just to remind everyone and align them daily to push on the critical number to achieve your "'Main Thing" for the quarter.