Attaching a File or Link

Use Attachments in Rhythm to ensure your files and links to other systems are at your fingertips when you need them.

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Why Use Attachments:

Keep everyone in the loop and aligned around the same information by attaching files related to the Meeting, Priority, KPI, etc. you are working on in Rhythm. Eliminate confusion and double data entry by attaching the link to another system where you have detailed information about the execution of a goal.

How to Use Attachments:

In lists, you can click the Attachment icon and hit the plus sign to attach something to an item (Goal, Task, Meeting, Strategy, etc.) Or, you can open the item detail and go to the Attachments tab to add an attachment.

Upload a File




If you have an image, slide deck, document, PDF or other file, chose this option. You can drag and drop or click the box to select a file from your computer to upload. Give your Attachment a Name and an optional description and hit Save.

Attach a URL / Dropbox Link




If you have a link to a website page or a link to a file in a file sharing service (like Dropbox or Google Drive), use the URL option. Copy and paste the link into and give your Attachment a Name and an optional description and hit Save.

If you use Dropbox for files, you can click "Choose from Dropbox" to log into your Dropbox account and select your file link to attach without ever leaving Rhythm.

Note: The largest file you can upload in Rhythm is 75MB. If you have a file that is larger, consider uploading the file to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive and attaching the link to the file.