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About Us

Working Together. Working for You.

We help the middle market get more growth initiatives done successfully.

In 2006, Rhythm Systems launched to help growing companies achieve their dreams and goals.

As you grow, things get complex quickly. With multiple layers and lots of opportunities to grow, it gets increasingly difficult to get company initiatives done, such as acquisitions, opening new markets, launching new products, and scaling operations.

On top of driving your initiatives, you have to develop accountable leaders and teams at the same time. This is really hard.

It is common to bite off more than you can chew and nothing actually gets finished. Teams work in silos causing duplication of effort and rework. Time is wasted cleaning up.

Today, Rhythm Systems has helped high growth mid-market firms create over 10,000 plans and execute over 750,000 priorities successfully.


Rhythm clients are top in their industry.

Rhythm is not for everyone. Only 3% of companies ever get bigger than $10 million. Our clients have hit this milestone and are investing to compete at the next level. In order to thrive and win, they are committed to applying new skills and systems to stay at the top of their industry.


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What makes us different?

Predictable Results. Accountable Leaders.
The Rhythm System Helps You Do Both.

Software for Predictable Results

It’s not a new process. Input the same information you currently put into your clunky spreadsheets. Rhythm Software will create beautiful dashboards for your executive team and departments to organize information and create a collaboration space so your team will stay on track every year, every quarter, every week and every day.

Experts Help You Develop Accountable Leaders & Teams

Our Rhythm expert consultants make The Rhythm System work for you. They have run mid-market companies or have executive experience and are quick to understand your needs and bring immediate high value to your organization. They help leaders develop the right habits to drive accountability and predictable results.

Company Awards & Milestones

  • 2006

    Rhythm Systems is Founded

    Company founded by two successful serial entrepreneurs, Patrick Thean and Cindy Praeger

  • 2007

    Rhythm Software is Born

  • 2013

    Rhythm Software - Version 2 Launched

  • 2014

    Published Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth

  • 2014

    Rhythm Software - Version 3 Launched

  • 2015

    Our First Breakthrough Conference

  • 2016

    Earned Fast50 Award

  • 2016

    Listed in the Inc. 5000

  • 2016

    Won Charlotte Business Journal’s Best Places to Work

  • 2016

    Rhythm Software - Version 4 Launched

  • 2017

    New Book Predictable Results: How Successful Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win Published and Achieved Amazon Best-Seller Status