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Manufacturing: World Emblem

"Rhythm gives us total alignment with over 800 people in 8 locations. The software is very simple and easy to use."

— Randy Carr, CEO, World Emblem


40% revenue growth

They're the #1 emblem manufacturer in North and South America with over 800 employees and 8 locations around the world.

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Healthcare: ImageFirst

"Rhythm is an important part of our execution strategy. It is a core part of how we get things done.

With Rhythm, hundreds of people know if they have good day or not because they know what their numbers are.

— Joe Geraghty, COO and Chief People Officer, ImageFirst 


100% alignment across 50 locations

Resulted in 16% Compound Annual Growth Rate system-wide Since 2003.

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Recommended by top CEOs in YPO, EO, and Vistage

Be a part of a community of leaders who stay on top of their game. 

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Financial Technology: AvidXchange

"If I were on a desert island and could only have one people management tool, it would be Rhythm because it enables us to connect our 10-year strategy all the way down to our weekly execution."

— Todd Cunningham, SVP Talent, AvidXchange


Achieved unicorn status in 2017

Continuous alignment while growing from 50 to 1,500 employees. Consistently grew revenue 40% for 8 years in a row. 


Technology: Voicebrook

"Rhythm helps brings everything together in one place for me to have true transparency across different business units. Personally without it, I’d be lost because there are too many things to track."

— Filipe Carreira, President & COO, Voicebrook


180% new product growth

Resulted in 75% of revenue shifting to their new business model to meet customer demand and scale.

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CEOs who receive PE funding are under intense pressure.

Rhythm is their secret weapon.

Michael Praeger

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140% revenue growth 3 years in a row from new customer initiative.



48% growth in net new business and grew 25% in one quarter.



100% increase in revenue from direct to consumer initiative.

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