Rhythm Mobile

Updating on the go has never been easier!

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How to Update Status

Our mobile experience lets you status your goals, update your tasks, add your Week In Sync and Daily Huddle notes in a few easy taps.

  1. Go to https://app.rhythm.cloud on your phone
  2. Use your same Username and Password
  3. Tap the menu to change to a different team, user or quarter or to navigate to a new screen
  4. To update status on a Goal, just tap on the Goal to open the detail and tap on the week number to choose the status
  5. Use the tabs on the Goal summary to work on Comments, Tasks or Attachments for the Goal
  6. Tap the navigation arrow at the top right to go to the next Goal in your list


Tip: If you need to edit a Goal, tap the More Actions icon

Updating Tasks

  1. Open the menu and choose Manage My Tasks
  2. Tap the box to mark items complete
  3. Use the More Actions icon to edit or delete tasks
  4. Click the Task name to open the detail and use the Comment or Attachments tabs

Adding Week In Sync and Daily Huddle Notes

  1.  Open the menu and choose the right screen
  2. Tap the More Actions icon to edit or copy your previous note
  3. Tap the + to add a new one