Using a KPI Scorecard

Create a balanced view of your company's health by adding a handful of KPIs to your Scorecard.

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How to Set Up Your KPI Scorecard

Having a few KPIs in each of the categories will help you ensure you don't neglect important aspects of your business. The 4 categories to monitor your company's health are Employees, Customers, Processes, and Revenue.

TIP: If you want to customize the names of the 4 categories, you can ask your company’s Rhythm Admin or email 

Adding KPIs to the Scorecard

  1. Choose Home in the Execution menu, toggle to Team, and click on the KPI Scorecard tab.
  2. You can click on the More Actions button to the right of each category name to add new KPIs or pull in KPIs that are already in Rhythm.
  3. Once you’ve added KPIs to each category, you’ll see a summary snapshot of the status for those KPIs and can hover and click on the circles for each KPI to get to the details.

How to Remove KPIs from Your Scorecard

Click on the name of the category to open the list of KPIs. From here, you can either remove the KPI from the list or delete it from the system:

  1. Removing a KPI from your Scorecard: You can click the More Actions iconand choose “Remove from Scorecard”
  2. Deleting a KPI: If you added a KPI by mistake and don’t have any historical data in previous quarters for the KPI, you can delete it by clicking the More Actions icon in the list and choosing Delete from System

How to Use Your KPI Scorecard

Click the name of the category to see the list of KPIs. You can change the view mode to see trend charts or patterns in the multi-quarter mode. 

You can also hover on the circles to read the names and details on each KPI or click into the circle to dig into the Details screen for a specific KPI.