Using a Parking Lot

Capture ideas that you don't have time to discuss now but don't want to lose.

Open in a New Tab →


When to Use the Parking Lot:

This is a simple screen designed to help you keep track of ideas that need further discussion. 

  • Weekly Meetings: When a discussion or problem is too big to solve in a weekly meeting and you need more time to work on it
  • Between Planning Sessions: To capture ideas that you don't want to lose before your next Quarterly or Annual Planning meeting
  • Quarterly & Annual Planning: Review the items that your team has captured in the Parking Lot to see if they should be included in the agenda. Use the Parking Lot during the meeting to help stay on track.

How to Use the Parking Lot:

  • Go to Execution > Parking Lot under Collaborate
  • Hit the + to record the Topic, Date and an optional Description of the topic you would like to remember to revisit later.
  • You can mark the item Closed once you've discussed it.
  • If you discuss the item and decide you need to take some action on it, you can click the More Actions icon to create a Goal based on this topic.

TIP: You can add something to the Parking Lot directly from an Idea on the Idea Board in your Meeting. Just click the More Action icon and choose "Create Parking Lot Item."