Using Sort/Filter to Customize Lists

Engage Sort/Filter options to customize the list of items on the screen

Open in New Tab →

The options for sorting and filtering will change depending on which screen you are on. The list will automatically change as you engage the sort and filter options, and you can reset at any time before closing the menu to go back to the way the list sorted prior to your changes.

You can drag and drop the menu to move it if you need to see something that’s behind the menu.

Unless otherwise specified, the SortFilter options apply to the top-level items in the list you are viewing.

The Sort/Filter button changes color to indicate you have turned on a Sort or Filter option for the list. If you are expecting to see something that’s isn’t there, click to Reset your filters so you can view the whole list.

Quick Filter:



Some screens have a quick filter to help you see the information you want easily:

  1. SWOT: Filter by source to see only items from a specific plan or year
  2. Ideas Board Quadrant Chart: Filter by categories to see only the Starts, for example
  3. Project View/Child Goals: Quickly see only goals for the selected quarter or only specific types of goals (KPIs, for example)




You can toggle on to activate a sort option, choose whether to sort ascending or descending and drag and drop to change the order if you want to sort by multiple items.

Some common examples where this feature is helpful:

  1. Sorting Ideas on the Ideas Board to see which ideas most people agree with
  2. Sorting a team Goal list by Owner
  3. Sorting Winning Moves by Impact 
  4. Sorting Tasks by Hours




You can toggle on to activate a filter option. You can engage multiple filters to customize your view.

Some common examples where this feature is helpful:

  1. Filtering out completed Tasks or Goals from the lists
  2. Filtering Feedback by the person who submitted it
  3. Filtering an Energy Map view to see only linked items with a Red status for the week