Visualizing Your Company's Strategic Growth Plan

Create and share your strategy story in a clear and compelling visual.

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What's a Growth Plan & Why We Need It

We love the analogy of climbing Mt. Everest to reach your company's BHAG.  You don't just ascend in a day. You set basecamps along the way. The Growth Plan screen in Rhythm is designed to help you create and visualize the phases of your journey up the mountain to reach your BHAG.

Creating a Growth Plan in Rhythm will help you:

  • Determine the key basecamps on the way to your BHAG (every 2-5 years)
  • Specify targets for each (Revenue, gross margin, etc)
  • Decide on the right Winning Moves to focus on at each stage of the journey
  • Capture it all in a simple, inspiring visual you can use to share your Grow Plan effectively

How to Create Your Company's Growth Plan

NOTE: This screen is only available if you can access the Company team and the Strategy screen section.

Here's how to create your compelling Growth Plan in Rhythm:

  1. Use the left menu to navigate to the Strategy > Growth Plan screen.
  2. If you've already established your Core Purpose, Core Values, BHAG, and Core Customer, those will automatically display for you. You can click to edit these strategic elements right from this screen. Any edits you make here will be reflected throughout the software.
  3. Once you have defined the strategic foundation and your mountaintop, you can set up Basecamps. We recommend adding the year you expect to hit each Basecamp in the title and listing 1-3 key Targets you need to accomplish at each.
  4. Finally, use the Winning Moves section to add the strategic moves you plan to take to hit the growth targets for each Basecamp. You can link existing Winning Moves (at any stage) or create new ones without leaving this screen.

You can click the Winning Moves card to open the dashboard view and see more details, including multi-quarter status updates and drilling down to see linked child goals in the Outline view. This way, you can keep up with execution and progress all the way up the mountain!

TIP: If you've achieved your BHAG and need a new mountain to climb, your Rhythm Admin or our Support Team can create a new version of your Strategic Plan to archive the current Growth Plan and start building a new one!

®BHAG Copyright Jim Collins & Jerry Porras