New Rhythm User Certification Now Available

By Tiffany Chepul

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We are excited to announce the release of the new Rhythm User Certification, in support of the much-New Rhythm User Certification Availableanticipated launch of the latest version of the Rhythm software tool!

There are so many exciting new ways to help organize your work and get more initiatives done successfully in Rhythm 4.0.

The new Rhythm User Certification consists of 14 courses, which take 20-30 minutes each. There are short tests after each course, so there isn’t the pressure of one big test at the end.

For teams who have already upgraded to Rhythm 4.0, please click here to get started with your Rhythm User Certification to learn all of the wonderful new features of the tool.

For teams who have not upgraded to the new version of Rhythm yet, please work with your Rhythm consultant to schedule your upgrade.

The Rhythm Certification Program offers a unique way for users to learn online at your own pace. Upon completion of any Rhythm Certification, users are awarded electronic badges for display on LinkedIn and other social media.

There are four certifications available in the Rhythm Certification Program: Fan, User, Leader, and Expert.  Rhythm Fan Certification is open to anyone and is all about the Rhythm methodology and book. Rhythm User Certification is all about the software tool and is open to anyone who is a current subscriber. The Rhythm Leader Certification goes deeper on how to lead your team using Rhythm and is available to software subscribers. Rhythm Expert Certification is geared toward those users who need to administer the back end of the tool and function as an expert for their team.

Learn more about the Rhythm Methodology by taking the FREE Rhythm Fan Certification course

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Tiffany Chepul


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images