Rhythm Systems is excited to be part of the elite group of forward-thinking technology companies that will be part of the InterGrowth 2018 ACG TechShowcase. During the TechShowcase, Rhythm will unveil a portfolio of features that help growth companies drive better execution, including the ability for balanced scorecard fans to see all the goals and projects that support their balanced scorecard metrics.

CEOs of mid-market organizations use Rhythm software to execute critical initiatives that drive growth, including acquisitions, scaling operations, opening new markets, and launching new products. Each of these growth opportunities can be endangered when organizations operate in silos. Rhythm eliminates the impact of chaos on growth initiatives by streamlining the work of multiple departments who need to have real-time information and clear and effective communication across the departments.

The new product features that Rhythm Systems has added to its software enable executives to more clearly visualize their balanced scorecard. In a competitive market, speed of execution and eliminating rework is key.

Rhythm Systems provides the industry's only solution that combines a patented software with management consulting and facilitation. "If it wasn't for Rhythm, we would not have been able to hit our objectives with the same frequency or execution discipline to allow us to launch our product this quickly." -Chris Tinsley, Chief Technology Officer, AvidXchange.

About Rhythm Systems
Founded in 2006, Rhythm Systems has helped hundreds of companies build and maintain strong habits and systems to drive execution and accelerate growth. Having helped our clients create over 3,000 plans, we know that creating an "execution-ready plan" is the biggest problem companies face.

Rhythm Systems is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.