Give direction to your fast-growing business with aligned and accountable teams.

Manage your processes efficiently and achieve your goals in a systematic way. Give structure to your growth with Rhythm!


You're growing too fast and your current systems cannot handle it.

But. You don't have a pulse on your business anymore. You have a patchwork of tools and solutions holding your organization together, and it is not sustainable.

You're worried you are losing out on opportunities because of disorganization and the lack of a proper framework.


Your plans aren't actionable and there is no way to track progress.

Your teams don't know what goals they are supposed to achieve every week to stay on track for the annual plan.

No one knows what success looks like and you don't have transparency or visibility on your plan throughout the year. You have a plan on paper, but no action plan.


You’re missing deadlines and failing to deliver because your teams aren't held accountable.

You don't know who is responsible for what and your teams lack accountability. There is always too much to be done and too little actually getting done.

The result: You're late on launches, you're missing huge opportunities and you're failing to deliver in a timely manner.


You're spending hours on unstructured meetings with no results to show for it.

You're wasting valuable time on unnecessary status meetings and important discussions are being sidelined.

You aren't able to identify the gaps in your execution and bridge them together as a team. You're not solving critical issues and as a consequence, your business is suffering.

Implement a systematic framework to manage your growth with Rhythm.

Close the gap between the executive team and your frontline employees and get things done on time. Rhythm helps you build a strong strategic plan and implement it successfully by driving alignment and accountability in your teams.

strategy-wot your-priorities

Create high-level strategies and execute them effortlessly with the Rhythm software.

Build and test the most impactful yearly plans and strategies for your business with the help of our experienced Rhythm experts. We'll help you create plans that your team can actually execute on a daily basis.

Stop running after tasks that bring you low returns but require high effort. Choose and implement the strategies that get you to the top and keep you there. Say yes to only the right things.


Put your plans into action and identify problems before it's too late.

Break down your long-term plans into actionable weekly goals and view them in a visual, easy-to-understand dashboards. Put a system to your teams' chaotic work days by assigning priorities and tasks to teams and individuals.

Know exactly how your week went with set success and failure criteria. Hit your goals and stay on track with Rhythm.

team-annual-plan key-responsibilities

Get the entire organization aligned on your plan and your growth goals.

Put everything from your Big Hairy Audacious Goals to your daily achievements in one single place. Let people know what they're responsible for, and get everyone rowing in the same direction with effective weekly meetings.

Show your employees how their work contributes to annual initiatives and win as a team.

team-actions chat-bubbles

Build accountability and track progress on your goals with ease.

Know where you stand on your goals with dedicated KPI dashboards that show your successes and failures at one glance.

Execute against your strategy effectively and identify gaps immediately. Make sure your employees are held accountable and working on the right initiatives with problem-solving meetings and individual priorities and tasks.

rank-your-ideas your-actions

Make your weekly, quarterly and annual meetings more efficient and effective.

Give structure to your meetings and solve problems, discuss future goals and collaborate on big decisions.

Have effective conversations that put your business on the right path. Shorten your lengthy meetings to the bare essentials and increase your teams' productivity.


Rhythm is more than just a software.

Rhythm’s onboarding and support team will help you put the right systems in place that scale with your growth.

We’ll help your team adopt the software and the framework, and support you until you’re ready to fly solo.


“Rhythm helps bring everything together in one place for me to have true transparency across different business units. Personally, without it, I’d be lost because there are too many things to track."

— Filipe Carreira, COO, Voicebrook


180% new product growth

Resulted in 75% of revenue shifting to their new business model to meet customer demand and scale.
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You're asking yourself...

Is this the right time?

You're a growing business—and it's an uphill climb from here. With disorganised processes, lack of structure and zero accountability, your company is going to collapse.

It's simply not sustainable to run a business like that. (We know because we've helped companies run successful businesses for over 15 years).

Now is the right time to get your business together. Now is the right time to shift from patchwork processes to strategic and ordered workflows. Now is the right time to take the leap from undisciplined start-up to established business.

Can I not do it myself?

You can. But not as well as we can.

You need a system to put your strategies in, break them down to quarters and execute them on a weekly basis. You need an expert with years of experience in your industry to help you devise the right strategies that will help your business.

We specialize in providing the software and the services for perfect strategy execution, teamalignment, accountability and efficient meetings. We can do it better, for you.

Can I afford it?

Our pricing plans are built to accommodate mid-market companies with high-growth. You can check out our pricing page here for details.

Will Rhythm work for my business?

Rhythm has helped companies from across 25 industries over the span of 14 years. Our clients have seen phenomenal results within a year of adopting Rhythm.

We've worked with clients from diverse industries such as Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Services, CP, Distribution, Staffing and Retail and helped them hit their goals, align their teams and build executable strategies.

We're here to help you bring rhythm to your work, by using a strategic framework.

Struggling to implement EOS, Scaling Up One Page Plan or OKRs?

Rhythm software helps you put your framework to action! With your commitment, we can transform your business and help you achieve your goals, no matter which industry you're from.

Will my team adopt it?

Change is hard. But we're here to help.

All Rhythm plans include an onboarding and training expert who will make sure your teams understand and use Rhythm on a daily basis. We will help you integrate Rhythm into your current workflow.

We're here to support you throughout the onboarding process and beyond. Whether it is setting up metrics within Rhythm or executing weekly meetings using Rhythm, we'll guide you and your team until you're ready to go solo.

Execute your strategies predictably and consistently with Rhythm.

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