The right annual plan can increase your revenue by 140% and productivity by 300%.

Our clients are evidence. Give your business its most successful year yet with a solid annual plan that your teams actually execute. Get started with Rhythm.


Is your annual plan being derailed because...


Your planning session was unstructured?

You're too busy facilitating the session to listen and respond to ideas. You and your team have too many ideas, and sorting through them for the best ones is difficult.


You never broke your plan into clear, actionable goals?

You haven't set quarterly and weekly goals that build in the direction of your annual goals. You have your strategy on paper, but you aren't able to bring it to life.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?


People weren't held accountable?

You did everything right. But people just did not get things done. Your teams did not meet their goals because no one held them accountable.

Skip the excuses. Achieve your growth goals and drive revenue with actionable annual plans.

Get your annual planning 100% right. Build a solid annual plan with Rhythm facilitators and put it into action with our execution software.


Transform your planning sessions from


A Rhythm facilitator will help you:

Ask the right questions that help you make breakthroughs.

Our strategy experts will help you discuss difficult questions and challenge your assumptions about your business and your industry. Get insights on best practices, industry standards, what to measure, common mistakes and everything you need to learn to grow your business from our facilitators with actual executive and leadership experience.

Brainstorm strategic ideas that move your top and bottom line and build a game-changing plan.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?

Evaluate your ideas and identify the ones that will drive maximum impact.

We'll help you rank your top ideas and decide which ones to pursue. Build action plans for strategies that bring the best ROI for your specific business. We evaluate what your business needs to succeed and bridge the gap between your current pains and desired outcomes.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?

Build an execution-ready annual plan that is in sync with your 3-5 year goals.

Create a plan that focuses on work that matters. Rhythm's strategy and execution experts have seen hundreds of plans succeed and fail, and know exactly what it takes for your business to grow, consistently and predictably.

We will help you build an execution-ready plan for your business that drives revenue, opportunities, and efficiency.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?

Review your performance and learnings from the past year.

Find out what went right and what failed by reviewing the previous year. Our Rhythm facilitators will help you dig deep and identify the root causes of your failed projects and make sure your plan for the coming year is foolproof.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?

Test your annual plan for employees overload.

Keeping the wheels of the business turning AND balancing annual goals simultaneously can be overwhelming for your employees.

We help you test your plan to ensure that your employees don't feel burnt out. We help you choose strategies and ideas that your employees can take on without being overworked.

Bring your teams together and execute kickass annual plans that everyone is on board with!


Break your yearly plan down to quarters and weeks.

Break your plan down into achievable, clear pieces for your teams. We help you split your annual goals into quarterly and weekly goals, so you know exactly what progress you've made at any point in time.

Know where you stand with your annual goals and make adjustments instantly when you fall short.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?

Create the right KPIs to track your weekly progress.

Build an action plan around your annual plan that shows people what they need to do every week and every day. Show people how their everyday jobs make up the bigger strategy.

Our facilitators will help you develop the right KPIs to track your progress on your annual plan on a weekly basis. We help your teams be more accountable and get the best ROI from your annual plan.

Is an Expert Annual Planning  Facilitator Right for Me?

Put your strategies into action with a software that ensures


Align your teams to your annual plan and execute your plan as a cohesive team.

Let your teams know what the company is supposed to achieve this year with an accessible annual plan dashboard, complete with targets, goals and tasks.

Supercharge your execution with comments within the Rhythm dashboard. Help your employees understand their role in the annual plan and connect your growth goals to their daily work!

your-companys-priorities your-team

Assign priorities and tasks to your employees and clarify responsibilities.

Make sure your employees know what they're responsible for with clearly assigned priorities and KPIs in Rhythm.

Show them what they need to accomplish every week to succeed on the annual plan!

No more confusion about who's doing what.
Just seamless execution!

employee-health-score success-criteria

Define what success and failure look like with Red-Yellow-Green criteria.

Clearly define what success looks like and what it means to fail. Align your team and set up a success criteria for every KPI, priority and task.

See which employee is overworked and needs help, which project is delayed, what targets are being missed as well as which parts of your plan are doing great in one single glance with red-yellow-green status markers.

13-week-race your-priorities

Bring accountability for your goals with KPI dashboards and effective meetings.

Know when an employee or a team needs help and which areas require adjustments with visual and easy-to-read KPI dashboards.

Turn your weekly update meetings to action meetings where 80% of the time is spent on solving problems together as team.

Hold your employees accountable for their tasks and execute flawlessly by running effective meetings! Review and adjust your weekly and quarterly goals before they ruin your entire annual plan.

The best mid-market companies use Rhythm to grow and get ahead

“Having a Rhythm facilitator allowed me to be an active participant in our Annual Planning session. The decisions we made at that meeting helped us grow 140%, 3 years in a row.”

— Dr. Steve Vogt, CEO, BioPlus Pharmacy

How we helped BioPlus make a breakthrough:

  • Created a custom agenda
  • Helped clarify their core customer
  • Facilitated the planning session
  • Developed a 90-day action plan

Rhythm combines the power of strategy and software.

Our expert facilitators will help you put the right annual plan together that lets you crush your growth goals.

We’ll pair your strategy with a software that helps you execute efficiently, and support you until you’re ready to fly solo.


25+ industries

We've helped companies in industries such as Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Services, CPG, Distribution, Staffing and Retail.

End to end support

We help you with the prep-work and agenda, facilitate and lead your session, build a foolproof plan and put it into action through our software.

Develop the plan that gets you to the top
and execute it perfectly with Rhythm.

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