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Rhythm is the only solution that gives you the complete 100% you need to build and sustain a culture of alignment and great execution- with a powerful software and customized support.


Want to see if Rhythm is right for you? We've curated a list of all major alternatives to see how they fare against Rhythm—so you can make the right choice for your business.

Rhythm vs Google Docs/Spreadsheets

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Rhythm for OKRs

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Rhythm for Rockefeller
Habits & ScalingUp

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Rhythm vs Project
Management Tools

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Rhythm vs Align

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Rhythm for EOS

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Rhythm vs Docs/Spreadsheets

You're attached to Google Docs and Excel because they're simple and easy-to-use for all your employees. They're flexible, they're free and they're fast—it seems perfect. Except.

  • Spreadsheets and docs are not built for strategic planning and goal tracking. You're a rapidly growing middle-market company: spreadsheets are simply not scalable.
  • There's no framework to support your execution and collaboration is a nightmare. You're operating from a hundred different documents and spreadsheets, and folders are always getting buried in the heap.
  • There's no way to connect your annual and quarterly plans to your daily KPIs. You have no visibility on how you're progressing on your strategic plans. You're working in the dark and failing to execute.
  • Spreadsheets are riddled with errors and bad data. Plus, you cannot visualize your progress in different ways. They’re costing you hours of productivity, with tons of manual work.

We don't have to convince you why executing a high-level strategy using Excel sheets and Google docs is a bad idea. It's obvious.

Ditch the 18th century tools. Shift to the modern, more effective way to work.

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  • Put your entire strategic plan, right from your yearly priorities to every individual employee's daily goals, in one single place.
  • Breakdown your annual and quarterly plans to weekly goals and tasks. Get complete visibility on your progress on your plan with Rhythm's intuitive dashboard.
  • Rhythm experts help you create your strategic plan and build out the right KPIs and metrics to track your progress efficiently.
  • Execute company-wide initiatives with top-notch cross-functional linking. Ensure seamless collaboration with contextual comments.
  • Identify issues right when they occur, with our red-yellow-green success indicators. Instantly know when you're falling behind a KPI or priority.
  • Cut out manual work. Spend only 15 minutes on your Rhythm dashboard every week.

Rhythm for OKRs

OKRs help you set ambitious goals and track them across the organization. They help you define success right from the top to the frontline of your organization.

And when you combine it with a software, it seems you've achieved the perfect combination. Except.

  • Most OKR software give you a goal completion percentage every week—giving you a false sense of confidence.

    50% completion doesn't tell you if you're successfully on track for your plans, what areas of your goals are progressing smoothly and where you're stuck.
  • OKRs in most software do not link your objectives to the overall strategy. Your employees do not know how their job affects the success of the business, and there is no way to track your progress on your strategic plan on a daily basis.
  • Most OKR software do not solve the problem of silos because they neither cross-functionally link between OKRs nor link activities under the OKR metrics.

    Your teams are working in isolation and no one has any idea how their objectives affect other units in the organization.
  • They do not align your teams and employees towards the same goals. Everyone is rowing in a different direction, driving towards a different goal—and your business goes nowhere. There's always too many OKRs and too little that’s actually achieved.

In the end, you're left with objectives that could've transformed your organization but never did.

Get all the benefits of OKRs plus additional features. Make OKRs work with Rhythm.

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  • Link individual objectives to objectives at the team and company level and let everyone see the impact of their work across the organization.
  • Get everyone aligned to the same big goals you've set out to achieve for the year or quarter. Create OKRs that feed into your strategic plan, link activities under the OKR metrics, and track them regularly in the software.
  • Know exactly when and where your plan is going off-track with connected OKRs. Provide help and solve problems before your plans collapse.
  • Build out your top 3-5 priorities and hold your employees accountable to them with the team and individual dashboards.
  • Get everyone on the same page and act on new information quickly with weekly adjustment meetings, supported by Rhythm.
  • Define success and outperformance for your teams. Set a realistic green goal and a stretch super-green goal for your employees so you can celebrate the wins and motivate them to reach higher.

Rhythm for Rockefeller Habits and ScalingUp

Developing a solid plan and executing it consistently is hard. You need the right skills and systems in place to ensure the most important work gets done.

You need discipline from every employee. You need goals that are measurable, time-bound and specific.

The Rockefeller Habits make sure your team is ready to tackle growth and win the market.

But without the right software, even the best frameworks fall flat.

Bring the Rockefeller Habits to life and scale effortlessly with Rhythm.

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Our Co-founder, Patrick Thean, developed the One Page Strategic Plan with Verne Harnish used in Scaling Up.

We've spent 14+ years helping companies implement the Four Decisions, One Page Strategic Plan, and SMART goals.

We know how to unlock the full potential of the Rockefeller Habits.

We help you align your entire company to your strategic plan, and develop the execution priorities you need to achieve your goals.

We've perfected our software over years working with businesses funded by top PE firms like Bain Capital, TPG Capital and Thiel Capital, and helping them scale.

team-annual-plan sales-manager

We're here to help you truly implement the Scaling Up method and reach the top.

  • House your strategy, core values, 3-5 year goals, brand promise, BHAG—all in one single place.
  • Assign one clear, accountable owner to all key functions, processes, results, and strategic initiatives.
  • Build Job Scorecards that help employees understand their duties and responsibilities, with no space for confusion.
  • Turn your update meetings into action meetings and uncover obstacles and opportunities.
  • See what works and what doesn't instantly with visual dashboards and different data views.

Rhythm vs Project Management Tools

Define success and outperformance for your teams. Set a realistic green goal and a stretch super-green goal for your employees so you can celebrate the wins and motivate them to reach higher.

  • These tools help you manage projects. Not large-scale strategic growth plans. You need a tool that syncs priorities from the top of your company to the bottom, not a tool to manage isolated projects.
  • They do not let you see how one KPI impacts multiple other linked priorities and key items, which means you have no single source of truth for progress on your annual or quarterly plans.
  • Project management tools are great for managers of individual teams—but they do not align your entire organization towards the same goals.
  • These tools are cheap, but this comes at the cost of your execution and growth. You can never see how your company is doing as a whole or what priority you're falling behind on.

Project management tools help with projects. But projects don't help your business win. Strategic plans and flawless execution does.

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Get your whole company on the same page and execute flawlessly with Rhythm.

  • Break your growth plan down to individual weekly goals and tasks so that everyone on your team can see how their job contributes to the growth of the company.
  • Get your entire organization aligned by linking cross-functional goals up to the company plan, and see where you are with your annual and quarterly plans.
  • Get full visibility on the status of each goal and identify and solve issues as they arise.
  • Set measurable success and failure criteria so your teams know what they need to accomplish.
  • Help out co-workers with stucks and allocate resources on time. Keep conversation moving with context-based comments.

Rhythm vs Align

We'll be the first to admit: Align is a great tool. It gets you visibility on your plans, improves communication, tracks your goals and drives focus.

But everything Align does, Rhythm does it 2X better.

Nothing can beat the original blueprint for efficient, consistent execution.

We've been around since 2006. We've seen companies fall and rise. We've seen markets disappear and reappear. We've analyzed it all and built Rhythm to help your business succeed, no matter what.

We've helped scale businesses funded by top PE firms like Bain Capital, TPG Capital, Thiel Capital.

We've worked with CEOs from YPO and EO. We've helped execute over 10,000 fully-fleshed growth plans perfectly and helped implement over 750,000 growth goals in Rhythm.

Rhythm clients see an increase in speed in execution and achieve complete alignment on top company goals.

We know what it takes to succeed and to maintain that streak.

We'll help you implement your One Page Strategic Plan and the Scaling up Scoreboard effortlessly, with in-house consultants who have run mid-market companies or have executive experience, so they know what works for your business, and what doesn't.


Rhythm for EOS Traction

Rhythm helps you put the EOS process into action, without grappling with Google docs or worrying over accountability.

We get your entire team on the same page and support you with everything you need to achieve success--from on-boarding to meetings.

  • The software for EOS are usually minimal, with no features to support annual, company-wide plans. You need a software that helps implement the EOS model in the long term, across all your teams.
  • Most software help you identify problems, but not solve them. There’s no support for daily huddles and everyday focus that help you move ahead with your goals.

Your team is looking at you to lead them to the next level of growth. Be the entrepreneur CEO your teams need.

Give your middle-market company the boost it needs to achieve your long-term goals. Implement EOS with Rhythm.

Build the culture that helps middle-market companies win with Rhythm.

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  • We built Rhythm to help middle-market companies deal with the challenges of growth, execution and alignment. We're purpose-built for YOU.
  • We've been in the industry for 14 years. We know what mid-market companies need the most, and our tools reflect that.
  • Rhythm helps you strategize and plan out your long-terms goals and execute them on a daily basis predictably. We help you see the bigger picture and get closer to it every single day.
  • Rhythm software comes with a dedicated team of experts who help you and your team adopt the software and integrate it into your execution process.
  • We believe in action. Our system and software help you resolve problems right as they occur with short, effective meetings and transparent dashboards.

Rhythm gets you results unlike anything else.
Our clients are proof.

Our customers experimented with all the tools and frameworks in the market, anything to make sure their teams were on the same track to achieving their goals.

But nothing worked. Not spreadsheets, not other strategy execution software, not frameworks that came without a proper implementation system.

Because nothing combines strategy, methodology and software and support like we do.

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Before Rhythm:

“Meetings used to take hours and we were always working on informing each other of what was happening instead of working on solutions.”
—Michelle Wink, CEO, UP Professional Solutions
“Before Rhythm, keeping a pulse on KPIs was difficult. We'd revisit them every month and every quarter—maybe every 6 months, and look back to see how we did. But being able to understand how we're progressing on a regular basis it was very difficult. It was stored in spreadsheets and we had a lot of different ways capturing metrics.”
—Filipe Carreira, President and COO, Voicebrook
“Life before Rhythm for Executive Team was a marathon meeting on the 4th Monday of every month. People would bring their notebooks to work during the meetings because no one loved the agenda or the time discussions took up."
—Stuart Bentley, President of TriOs College
“Before Rhythm, we thought we did a nice enough job. We thought we had a system to track & manage & organize. When you actually use Rhythm, you see the system you used before is a bunch of paperwork that didn’t help you that much.”
—Gino Giannettino, General Manager, ImageFIRST
“As head of R&D, we'd always done it one way one quarter, with no systematic way for me to manage the objectives for the group."
—Chris Tinsley, CTO, AvidXchange
“Life before rhythm is hard for us to imagine now. Our leadership team would come together and we would do 13-week sprints, we would have our quarterly priorities and KPIs mapped out, we would put the one page in a drive, go off and execute with our teams, and what we found at the end of the quarter, we really weren’t hitting our goals.”
—Deanna Felton, Director of Customer Experience, Qualtrax

After Rhythm:

“The efficiency and effectiveness of exec team meetings drastically improved since implementing Rhythm. Our meetings have gone from 6 hours to an hour or a half—which means our team is free to do more important work than sit in meetings.”
—Michelle Wink, CEO, UP Professional Solutions
“Rhythm helps brings everything together in one place for me to have true transparency across different business units. This allows me to come back and really close the loop on the strategy and to identify these gaps in terms of resources, lack of focus or that we had to refine. Personally without it, I’d be lost with too many things to track."
—Filipe Carreira, President and COO, Voicebrook
“Rhythm changed our business! Helping us get total alignment with over 800 people in 8 locations."
Randy Carr, CEO, World Emblem
“Rhythm has really helped our culture, we didn’t really have visibility when employees were struggling and needed resource assistance so we created a health status system and it is very helpful to see each week if an employee statuses yellow or red and helped to make sure to provide proper resources to that individual or entire team."
—Deanna Felton, Director of Customer Experience, Qualtrax
“As the CEO, Rhythm has given me visibility into how our strategy connects with the work our employees are doing."
-Ross Weinstein, CEO, Voicebrook
“Rhythm gave our organization the ability to see the outcome of what they’re doing. They can track KPIs against what they’re focused on and at the end of the quarter, to know that they’re successful or not."
–Carolina Corbett, Talent HR, Churchill
“With Rhythm, we feel prepared to take on each quarter & can anticipate results before it's too late.”
Michael Praeger, CEO, AvidXchange

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