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Rhythm Executive Team

Software + Training for the Exec Team

Get your executive team aligned and focused on hitting your growth goals.

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  • Software to align your executive team
  • And a dedicated Rhythm Success Manager who will:
    • Get your plans and goals set up in Rhythm
    • Create your custom metrics and dashboards
    • Help you run better, more focused weekly meetings
    • Check your quarterly plans for alignment gaps
    • Train your team for ease of use and adoption

“Rhythm is the best investment we have ever made. It keeps everyone laser focused on our goals.”

Bruce Ostrowsky, Exec team, World Emblem

“With Rhythm, we feel prepared to take on each quarter and can anticipate results before it's too late.”

Michael Praeger, CEO, AvidXchange

Rhythm Corporate

Software + Training for the Entire Company

Create company-wide alignment and execute your plans flawlessly at every step.

Ensure everyone is on the same page, all the time, automatically.

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  • Software to align your entire company
  • And a dedicated Rhythm Success Manager will:
    • Train your team for ease of use and adoption
    • Get your plans and goals set up in Rhythm
    • Create your custom metrics and dashboards
    • Help you run better, more focused weekly meetings
    • Check your quarterly plans for alignment gaps

“Rhythm changed our Business! Helping us get total alignment with over 800 people in 8 locations"

Randy Carr, CEO, World Emblem

“Rhythm is a core part of how we get things done. It has positioned us to out execute our competition.

Joe Geraghty, COO/CPO, ImageFirst

Strategic Planning Facilitation

On-site or Virtual Planning Sessions

Build solid, actionable plans that guarantee growth- with experts who have facilitated over 3,000 sessions.

All Rhythm Facilitators have been CEOs or held executive positions so they understand exactly what it takes to run a business and make difficult decisions.

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An Experienced Facilitator will help you:

  • Identify the right data needed to make decisions
  • Review past learnings to identify why projects failed
  • Ask the right questions to help you make breakthroughs
  • Help discuss difficult questions & challenge assumptions
  • Evaluate ideas and identify ones with maximum impact
  • Break your yearly plan down into quarters and weeks
  • Create the right KPIs to track your weekly progress

Strategic Planning Session

Build a breakout, long-term strategy that transforms your business and gets you to the top of your industry.

Annual Planning Session

Create an actionable annual plan with defined priorities that sets you up for a successful year.

Quarterly Planning Session

Build an execution-ready quarterly plan that drives your strategy forward and forges the foundation for progress.

Departmental Planning Session

Create departmental and individual goals aligned with and linked to the company plan.

Custom Planning Session

Get the strategic support you need with a session tailored to your goals and schedule
  • All sessions are covered by our value guarantee - If you’re not happy with the value you get, only pay what you think is fair.

“It was one of our most productive sessions, our team was focused and engaged. We came out highly aligned with clear actionable steps to take."

Mark Nussbaum, COO, Signature Consultants

“They made sure we pulled everything together into a cohesive, actionable plan. My only change for next time would be bringing them in on day one.”

Piers Carey, CEO, Teneo

You're asking yourself...

Can I afford it?

We are not your typical quick-fix software. We provide the training, framework, expertise, and robust software needed to achieve real and sustainable company alignment so you can predictably execute your strategic goals and win as a team. Request pricing today if you're ready to join a community of successful leaders.

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Is this the right time?

You're a growing business—and it's an uphill climb from here. With disorganized processes, lack of transparency and zero accountability, your company continues to waste precious resources everyday.

It's simply not sustainable to run a business like that. (We know because we've helped companies run successful businesses for over 14 years).

Now is the right time to get your business together. Now is the right time to shift from patchwork processes to strategic and ordered workflows. Now is the right time to take the leap from undisciplined start-up to established business.

How do I get started?

Can I not do it myself?

You can. But not as well as we can.

You need a system to put your strategies in, break them down to quarters and execute them on a weekly basis. You need an expert with years of experience in your industry to help you devise the right strategies that will help your business.

We specialize in providing the software and the services for perfect strategy execution, team alignment, accountability and efficient meetings. We can do it better, for you and with you.

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Will Rhythm work for my business?

Rhythm has helped companies from across 25 industries over the span of 14 years. Our clients have seen phenomenal results within a year of adopting Rhythm.

We've worked with clients from diverse industries such as Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Services, CP, Distribution, Staffing and Retail and helped them hit their goals, align their teams and build executable strategies.

We're here to help you bring rhythm to your work, by using a strategic framework.

Struggling to implement EOS, Scaling Up One Page Plan or OKRs?

Rhythm software helps you put your framework to action! With your commitment, we can transform your business and help you achieve your goals, no matter which industry you're from.

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Will my team adopt it?

Change is hard. But we're here to help.

We make sure your teams understand and use Rhythm on a daily basis. We will help you integrate Rhythm into your current workflow.

We have a 95% client retention rate. We guarantee that your teams will adopt Rhythm.

How do I get started?

How long does it take to get Rhythm up and running?

It depends on your organization, but here's a general estimate:

We'll get your executive team started with Rhythm within 30 days, complete with powerful weekly meetings and accountability.

We'll then help you cascade Rhythm across your organization over the span of a business quarter, to make sure you're ready to tackle the next quarterly plan with confidence!

How do I get started?

How do I cascade this to my entire company?

Once your executive team is ready, we will help your department heads learn how to use Rhythm for their departmental planning sessions, weekly meetings, and individual work. 

We'll guide you through the entire process so every single key employee is onboard to drive your business to the next level.

Book a demo to learn about cascading in depth!

How do I get started?

What kind of time commitment does Rhythm require?

You only need to invest 15-20 minutes per week to update your dashboard for weekly meetings. That's it!

Rhythm's software and the habits it cultivates will help you stay on track with your goals and achieve growth, with ease, without spending hours of your precious time!

How do I get started?

Is the software easy to use?

Yes! Rhythm software is intuitive and effortless to use.

In fact, our software is so user-friendly that we were recently rated the #1 easiest to use strategic planning software on G2, the leading software review site in the world.

See how it works

Without Rhythm,
you’re wasting:


Hundreds of hours

  • Sifting through emails
  • Tracking metrics that don't matter
  • Going over Excel sheets & PPT
  • Updating colleagues on project statuses
  • Figuring out responsibilities
  • Holding pointless meetings
graph-12 1

Thousands of dollars

  • On projects that never took off
  • On churned and unproductive employees
  • On failed strategies
  • Due to missed opportunities
  • Because of slow and disorganized execution
  • Because you lacked focus and didn't cascade plans

Every minute you spend with unaccountable teams, misaligned departments and broken systems, you get further away from your goal of industry domination.

It's time to rip off the band aid. It's time to switch to Rhythm.

Driving growth needs more than just a software. That's why we built Rhythm.

We don't abandon you with a software that your team never adopts—we provide support every single step of the way.

Rhythm experts help you right from onboarding your teams to clarifying your strategy and solving problems with quarterly coaching calls.

The Rhythm process helps you build accountable people, focused initiatives and aligned teams—it helps you build the organization ambitious CEOs would kill for.



Create strategies that help you get to the top and break them down into quarters and weeks



Execute your strategic goals with a software that drives alignment and accountability

question (1)-1


Get the right KPIs and dashboards set up to help all your teams stay on track



Get the support you need to integrate great execution into the DNA of your company

“Rhythm gives us total alignment with over 800 people in 8 locations. The software is very simple and easy to use."

randy-head-shot copy

Randy Carr, CEO, World Emblem

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Revenue growth


“If I were on a desert island and could only have one people management tool, it would be Rhythm because it enables us to connect our 10-year strategy all the way down to our weekly execution."


Todd Cunningham, SVP Talent, AvidXchange

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Increase in productivity


"Rhythm helps you stay accountable to the strategic plan and then to execute. With Rhythm, we have achieved 140% growth 3 years in a row."


Dr. Steve Vogt, CEO, BioPlus Pharmacy

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Revenue growth


Our success team will help you transform
the way you work in 4 simple steps.

Review Your Plan & Set Up Weekly Dashboards
We'll review your plan to identify any alignment gaps and set up your goals in the software.
Improve Your Weekly Meetings
We will audit your weekly meetings for better alignment and execution.
Get Your Entire Org on the Track to Success
Once the executive team is up and running, we will help you cascade Rhythm to all departments.
Ensure successful adoption and usage
We'll train your team for ease of use and successful adoption.

Integrate with your current systems
and bring all your data in one place.


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