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Need a better way to track your goals?

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Software Modules 

icon-check-circleGoal Tracking
KPI, OKR, & Metric Tracking
icon-check-circle Weekly Meetings
icon-check-circleQuarterly Planning
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Break down and track your strategy into company and departmental goals.

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Software Modules

Includes everything in Goal Management plus:
Annual Planning

icon-check-circleStrategic Planning
• 3-5 year plans
• Core Values
• Core Purpose
• Core Customer
• Brand Promise
icon-check-circleCEO Reports & Analytics
icon-check-circlePerformance Management
icon-check-circleExecutive Rhythm Success Coach
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Need help to develop a solid actionable plan?

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Our Facilitators

icon-check-circle15+ years of executive experience
icon-check-circleSuccessfully facilitated over 4k plans
icon-check-circleClient industries include
• Technology
• B2B and B2C Services
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing 
• Retail
• Wholesale and Distribution
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Our Secret Sauce

How Does a Rhythm Success Coach Help Me?

Yellow Quote Rhythm's support team is simply fantastic. They're with you every step of the way -- even after implementation which our entire team really likes... They're the experts using the software and they love to show others how to utilize it to better their company."

-CEO, Manufacturing

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You're asking yourself...

Can I afford it?

We are not your typical quick-fix software. We provide the training, framework, expertise, and robust software needed to achieve real and sustainable company alignment so you can predictably execute your strategic goals and win as a team. Request pricing today if you're ready to join a community of successful leaders.

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Can't I do this myself?

You can. But not as well as we can.

You need a system to put your strategies in, break them down to quarters and execute them on a weekly basis. You need an expert with years of experience in your industry to help you devise the right strategies that will help your business.

We specialize in providing the software and the services for perfect strategy execution, team alignment, accountability, and efficient meetings. We can do it better, for you and with you.

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How long does it take to get Rhythm up and running?

It depends on your organization, but here's a general estimate:

We'll get your executive team started with Rhythm within 30 days, complete with powerful weekly meetings and accountability.

We'll then help you cascade Rhythm across your organization over the span of a business quarter, to make sure you're ready to tackle the next quarterly plan with confidence!

How do I get started?

Is the software easy to use?

Yes! Rhythm software is intuitive and effortless to use.

In fact, our software is so user-friendly that we were recently rated the #1 easiest to use strategic planning software on G2, the leading software review site in the world.

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Is this the right time?

You're a growing business—and it's an uphill climb from here. With disorganized processes, lack of transparency, and zero accountability, your company continues to waste precious resources every day.

It's simply not sustainable to run a business like that. (We know because we've helped companies run successful businesses for over 14 years).

Now is the right time to get your business together. Now is the right time to shift from patchwork processes to strategic and ordered workflows. Now is the right time to take the leap from undisciplined start-up to established business.

How do I get started?


Who is Rhythm for?

Rhythm is built for middle-market companies dealing with the challenges of growth, strategy execution, and company alignment.

We work with coachable, decisive CEOs and executive teams who are committed to growth and building strong, skillful teams that can execute well today and tomorrow. 

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How does the Executive Rhythm Success Coach help me?

Our success team will help you transform the way you work in 4 simple steps:

  1. Review your plan and set up weekly dashboards to help identify any alignment gaps

  2. Join your first three weekly meetings to help you learn how to run productive meetings focused on problem-solving and not status updates.

  3. Train your team to ensure successful adoption and usage of the Rhythm software

  4. Once the executive team is up and running we will help you implement Rhythm with your next-level leaders and departments.
Do you have strategic planning facilitators?
Yes! We have strategic planning experts that can help you facilitate your session and create a solid actionable plan. They have over 25 years of experience leading sessions for growing middle-market companies across all industries.
Approximately 50% of our Rhythm clients utilize a Rhythm Strategic Planning Facilitator. Learn More

“Rhythm helps bring everything together in one place for me to have true transparency across different business units. Personally, without it, I’d be lost with too many things to track."

- Filipe Carreira, President & COO, Voicebrook


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