Adjusting Rhythm User Settings

Update your profile information and picture and adjust your Team memberships and notifications

Open in New Tab →


Update Your Profile

  • Click your initials or picture in the top right corner of the screen and choose Settings from the menu
  • Click the camera icon to upload a Profile Image. You can drag and drop an image or click to select one from your computer. The image will be used on goals you own and comments you make in Rhythm.
  • Click to update your First and Last Name or your Email address.
  • Save your changes by clicking Save. Your changes will automatically save if you click out of the text box as well.

NOTE: Contact to update your Username.

Reset Your Password

You can reset your password by clicking on the “Change Password” button. 

Adjust Team Memberships

Default: Each Rhythm user has one default team. This is the first team you see when you log in, and your name will appear in the dropdown list in this team. To change your Default team, click on the circle in the first column to the right of the correct Team Name.

Member: While you have only one Default team, you can be a Member of as many teams as you need. You’ll show up on the user list for any teams for which you are a Member. This helps when you lead one team and participate in another or participate in cross-functional teams. Check the box under “Member” for as many teams as you need to join.

Changes to these Settings are automatically saved.

Following Team Comments 

You can receive email notifications when team members log Comments on team goals or meetings. Check the box under “Follow” for the teams from which you’d like to receive email notifications.

Summary Emails 

You can specify a day of the week to receive Summary emails. There are 2 types:

  • My Summary Email (Choose a day of the week to receive the email in your Profile):
    • See a list of Tasks for the week and easily check them off
    • Get a summary of your status on goals
    • Receive a reminder to update your goals prior to your team meeting
  • Team Summary Email (Choose which day you'd like to receive summaries for each team under Teams):
    • Receive a summary of goals that are Red, SuperGreen or not updated
    • See who has overdue Tasks and may need help

Note: You can also see any integrations you have connected from this Settings screen and visit our Integration Library to search other available integrations.