[BETA] Connecting Tasks and Meetings to Your Calendar

Synchronize your Rhythm calendar with Google or Outlook to edit and manage your schedule easily.

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NOTE: This feature is in beta. We are currently testing Outlook and Google Tasks and Meetings If you are interested in beta testing, please reach out to help@rhythmsystems.com.


Why Connect Your Calendar with Rhythm

Once you connect Rhythm to your Google or Outlook calendar, Tasks and Meetings from Rhythm will appear on your work calendar alongside all the other appointments and meetings you have to manage.

You can edit, change dates, or complete Tasks in either system and the changes will reflect in both so you don't need to update two systems. Having your strategic work from Rhythm visible on your work calendar will keep it top of mind for you and make it easier than ever to manage your work.

How to Connect Your Calendar

Follow these steps to set up the Calendar sync:

  1. Go to your Integration Library (also available under 
  2. Choose which calendar you want to connect: Google or Outlook
  3. Follow the steps to authenticate your account. Be sure to check all the boxes to enable the sync to work.

NOTE: Companies have different IT policies. Before you can integrate your Outlook or Google calendar, you might need to request the approval from your IT admin. 

How to Use Your Connected Calendar

Once you’ve connected your calendar, a brand new calendar will appear in your list called “Rhythm Calendar.” Outlook users will need to select this calendar in the list in the left menu to see the synced tasks and meetings.

  • You can change the color, name, or other settings of this calendar if you want. All your past Overdue Tasks and any future Tasks from today into the future will appear as all-day events on this calendar. Any future Meetings will also display on the calendar.
  • Any new Tasks or Meeting you create in Rhythm after turning on the sync will show up on your connected calendar.
  • From your Calendar, you can change the date, change the name of the calendar event, click the link to see the Task or Meeting in Rhythm or click the link to complete the Task. If you delete a Task or Meeting on the calendar, it does not delete in Rhythm.
  • Creating a new event on your connected calendar will NOT create a Task or Meeting in Rhythm.
  • Any changes you make in Rhythm will also show up on the calendar. If you change the owner of a Task, it will no longer show up on your Google or Outlook calendar. If you delete a Task or Meeting in Rhythm, it will delete on your connected calendar.

Note: Only changes the Meeting Organizer makes on the connected calendar will sync back to Rhythm. Meeting Attendees can see the event, but any changes will not overwrite what's in Rhythm.

How to Disconnect Your Calendar

If you no longer want to sync you Rhythm Tasks and Meetings to your Google or Outlook Calendar, simply go to your User Settings page and click "Disconnect."

This will not delete the calendar, just disable the synchronization. If you want to delete the calendar completely, you can do this in your Google or Outlook calendar settings.