Copying Goals and Changing Goal Types

Easily change from one goal type to another or copy goals to different quarters or owners.

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How to Copy Goals

You can easily copy a KPI, Quarter Priority, Annual Priority, or Winning Move:

  1. Click the name of the goal you would like to copy to open the detail summary screen.
  2. Click the More Actions button  and choose Copy.
  3. You can edit the name of the goal, choose the right quarter, set Start and End Dates, change the team or owner, and select which items you would like to copy along with the goal:
    1. Success Criteria
    2. Projected values
    3. Actual values
    4. Variance values
    5. Attachments
    6. Tasks
      1. You can choose whether to copy all the tasks for the goal, or just the ones that are incomplete
      2. You can also choose if you want the due dates for the copied tasks to stay the same or reset them to match the due dates of the newly copied goal
    7. Child Goals
      1. Again, you can choose to copy all the linked Child Goals or just the incomplete ones
      2. You can decide whether to keep Start and End Dates or reset them for the newly copied Child Goals
      3. You can even copy the Tasks associated with the Child Goals when making the copy

Tip: Copying Goals is a great way to manage projects when multiple team members are completing the same steps or have to hit the same goals. You can also copy a Goal to a new Quarter to start a fresh comment thread on the Goal.



How to Change Goal Types

If you've entered a Goal as a KPI and decide later that it should really be a Quarter Priority, don't worry! You can easily change the Goal Type for Winning Moves, Annual Priorities, Quarter Priorities, or KPIs without having to manually re-enter anything:

  1. Click the name of the Goal you would like to change to open the detail summary screen. 
  2. Click the More Actions button  and choose Change Goal Type.
  3. Choose the new Goal Type, and hit Save. If you are changing to a Winning Move, choose the Stage and Type.

Note: If you would like to change a Goal to a type that is not available in the popup, you may need to update the links to Parent or Child Goals before you can change to that Goal type. Click here to learn more about which Goals can be linked as Parent and Child Goals for each Goal Type.