Creating a 2 to 5 Year Plan

Keep strategic goals front and center and stay on track for your 2-5 year plan

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Why 2 to 5 Year Plans Matter

Having a plan on the 2-5 year time horizon is important because it can be viewed as a base camp on the way to the summit that is your BHAG. It also helps you create Annual Plans that align to achieving your long-term strategies.

How to Create a 2 to 5 Year Plan

  1. Go to 2 to 5 Year Plans under Plan in the Execution menu
  2. Hit the + to create a new 2 to 5 Year Plan dashboard. Give it a name, an optional description, and set the start and end dates.
  3. Add new or existing goals to the Dashboard.

Tip: We recommend adding some KPI targets (e.g. Revenue, EBITDA) along with a handful of Winning Moves that will help you hit your growth goals over the set time period for the Dashboard (usually 2-5 years).