Creating Goal Dashboards

Organize goals to gain visibility into progress and have the right conversations

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How to Add Goal Dashboards

You can create as many custom Goal Dashboards as you’d like for yourself or for your team.

  1. In the Execution menu, choose Home, Goal Dashboards. Choose User if you are building Dashboards for yourself and choose Team if you are creating a Dashboard for your whole team.
  2. Hit the + in the top right of the screen.
  3. Give your Dashboard a Name and optional Description. 
  4. Set the right time frame for the Dashboard. If you leave the End Date blank, the Dashboard will continue showing up in future quarters until you put an End Date on it.
  5. Hit Save.

How to Add Goals

  1. Click the Dashboard to open it and add Goals. You can create a new KPI, Quarter Priority, Annual Priority or Winning Move from here, or you can choose to link an existing goal from any team or user you have access to.
  2. You can also add Goals to Dashboards from the Goal list by clicking More Actions > Add to Dashboard.
  3. You can use all the same custom views in this Dashboard as you can on any goal list to customize how you review the goals.

Note: The Dashboard will only show Goals that are active in the quarter you have selected. If you have a blank Dashboard in your list, you likely have linked goals that ended in a previous quarter.

How to Remove Dashboards

  1. Removing a Dashboard from your list: If you no longer wish to see a Dashboard from prior quarters in your list for this quarter, click on the More Actions icon to the right of the Dashboard name and add an End Date at the end of the previous quarter. This will preserve any historical data associated with the Dashboard but prevent it from showing up in the current quarter’s list.
  2. Deleting a Dashboard: If you added a Dashboard by mistake, you can delete it by clicking the More Actions icon in the list and choosing Delete from System

Goal Dashboard Examples

Here are some examples of Dashboards you might find helpful:

  1. Managing cross-functional projects: Pull in KPIs and Priorities from other teams so you never lose sight of progress on deliverables from different teams
  2. Sharing specific goals with investors or board members: Create an executive summary dashboard for sharing with key stakeholders
  3. Focused discussions in Weekly Meetings: If you have trouble keeping your goal lists short and sweet, use the Dashboards to curate just the most important goals for discussion in your weekly meetings