Customizing Meeting Agenda Templates

Have effective meetings by creating an agenda template specifically for your team.

Open in New Tab →


How to Save a Custom Agenda

  1. Under Execution > Collaborate > Meetings, click a meeting in your list or create a new one
  2. Go to the Agenda tab of the Meeting, make any changes to the Agenda
  3. Click on the More Actions button to the right of the screen and choose “Save Agenda as Template”

When you create a new meeting, choose “Custom” under Agenda to choose this Custom Agenda Template from the list.

How to Edit Agendas

  1. Under Execution > Tools, click Custom Meeting Agendas.
  2. Find the agenda template you’d like to edit in the list. Click on the Name to open the details.
  3. To edit the name or description of the Custom Meeting, click on the text to pull up the editor.
  4. To add new Agenda items, click the + to the right of your screen.
  5. To reorder Agenda items, click on the handle to drag and drop them.
  6. To edit an Agenda item name, URL or duration, click the name of the item to open the detail, make edits, and Save your changes.
  7. To delete an Agenda item, click on the More Actions button to the right of the item and choose “Delete from System”

TIP: You can click the More Actions button to create a meeting with this agenda template right from this screen (see below).