Documenting Core Competencies

Document your Core Competencies in Rhythm to share the unique combinations of capabilities and resources that make you operationally different and give you a competitive edge.

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What Core Competencies Are & Why They Matter

Core Competencies are unique systems and processes that make you different and superior to your competition. They build on your collective knowledge about how to coordinate diverse skills, activities, and technologies to create a competitive advantage. These complex combinations may appear simple on the surface, but have actually been honed to near perfection over a long period of time. 

Your core competencies should make your company stand out from the competition, should be difficult for competitors to imitate, and should be applicable to a wide range of business opportunities.

3 Key Attributes of a Core Competency:

  1. Core Competencies are often complex combinations of processes, systems, and activities in the operations of a company.
  2. They may appear simple on the surface – but on further and deeper investigation you’ll see that they’ve been honed to near perfection over a period of years.
  3. Core Competencies balance productivity and people – that is, they result in efficiency and effectiveness by bringing out the right skills, talent, and experience in the people.

Focusing on your core competencies creates unique, integrated systems that reinforce your company’s systematic advantage - something your competitors can’t copy quickly or easily. These core competencies are strongly ingrained in your company. They can be replicated across multiple strategic business units and across geographic regions and borders.

How to Record Your Core Competencies

Note: If you don’t see Core Competencies in the left menu, you don’t have permission to edit these for your company. You can read them in the Strategy Summary.

  1. Under Strategy, choose Core Competencies in the left menu.
  2. Click + in the top right corner and give your Core Competency a title. You can also add optional descriptions for how the competency makes you different and how you refine and develop it over time.
  3. Save the Core Competency to see it in your list. 
  4. You can drag and drop to reorder the Core Competencies, click to edit the text, and add Comments or Attachments to each competency as needed.