Managing Tasks

Tasks are where the details of your execution plan come together

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How to Add Tasks

In Rhythm, Tasks are who, what, when items. They can be milestones on your Priorities, follow-up items that come out of your meetings, or anything else you need to keep track of to ensure you get the work done. Our research shows that Priorities with completed Tasks on average finish Green more than those without. It’s no surprise that planning your work and working your plan helps you finish Green for the quarter.

To add a Task to a Priority, KPI, Winning Move, Meeting or other parent items:

  1. Choose the parent item in the list, click on the Task icon. (You can also create a task from the Task screen if you want to record a task that’s not associated with one of your goals or meetings.)
  2. In the side panel, hit the + in the top right of the screen.
  3. Record your Task. Make it specific and clear what you will do, and add the correct due date and owner. 
  4. If you are adding a Task that needs to be repeated, you can check the "Repeat every" box to set the right cadence for repeating a task. 
  5. You can also record the optional items: hours the Task will take to complete, names of others who are working on the Task, any contextual information.
  6. Hit Save.
  7. Once you’ve saved your Task, you can download it to your calendar by clicking the “More Actions” button to the right of the task name in the list. You can also manage tasks on the calendar screen and drag and drop to change the due date, or you can work tasks from the list view and add Comments and Attachments on the task.
  8. When you’ve worked the task, you can mark it Complete from the task list, calendar, or the Task tab on the associated parent item.

Note: If you add, edit or re-assign a Task for someone else on the team, they will receive an email notification.

Tip: You can sign up to receive a weekly reminder email with your tasks for the week in your User Settings.

How to Remove Tasks

  1. Filtering Completed Tasks from your list: You can collapse the “Completed” section in your task list or use the Filter/Sort function to stop showing items that have been completed.
  2. Deleting a Task: If you added a Task by mistake or no longer need to see it, you can click the More Actions icon to the right of the Task name and choose “Delete from System”
  3. If the Task is part of a repeating series of tasks, you'll be asked if you want to delete just the selected Tasks, this Task plus the future Tasks in the series, or all of the Tasks in the repeating series.

How to Change the Task Parent

Need to see your Task associated with a different Goal or Meeting? You can easily change the Parent item for the Task:

  1. Click the Task name to open the detail summary screen
  2. Click on the edit pencil icon  next to the Task Parent
  3. In the popup, choose which item you want to associate with this Task: Goal, Meeting, Client/Employee Feedback, or Team
  4. Click to select the right Parent item and hit Save

Note: Tasks can only have one parent item.