Rhythm + Miro

Brainstorm your plan in Miro, and seamlessly convert Stickies into Goals in Rhythm.

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Why Use the Rhythm Miro Integration

Miro provides a visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to dream, design, and build the future together. They have robust templates and flexible, powerful brainstorming tools.

Our integration allows you to leverage these powerful brainstorming tools in planning sessions, and then once the plan is set, seamlessly convert your Miro sticky notes into Rhythm goals, linked and ready for execution.

How to Set Up Miro Integration

NOTE: You need an active Rhythm account to use this integration. (See pricing options here.)

From Rhythm:

  1. In your Rhythm account, go to your Integration Library page
  2. Choose "Connect" on the Miro integration
  3. Authenticate your Miro account and select a team
  4. Go to your Miro Board, click on the Plus sign to Add More Apps:
  5. Search for the Rhythm Systems app

Or, if you're already in Miro, you can authenticate from there:

  1. Open your Miro board (Try our Strategic Annual Planning Exercise template, or just use one of your existing boards.)
  2. Go to "More apps" (see screenshot above)
  3. Search for Rhythm Systems and authenticate by logging into your Rhythm account

How to Create Goals from Stickies

With the Rhythm app open, select the Stickies you want to convert to Goals in Rhythm.

  • You can select multiple Stickies, but be sure you only select Stickies that should be the same goal type (KPIs, Quarter Priorities, Annual Priorities, Winning Moves)
  • Once you select the Stickies, you can choose the Goal Type, Quarter, and dates, and click "Convert to Rhythm Cards"
  • This generates Goals in Rhythm and App Cards in Miro connected to those new goals.
  • Editing the App Cards in Miro (the goal name or the Red, Yellow, Green Success Criteria) will also update the Goal in Rhythm. To edit the App Card, click the arrow icon in the top right corner:

Note: The App Cards are synced to the Goals in Rhythm, but the Stickies are not. Updating the original Sticky notes will not change the App Card or Goals in Rhythm. Additionally, edits to the Goals in Rhythm DO NOT sync back to the App Cards in Miro. This is a one-way sync.

How to Link Goals from Miro

Once you've converted the Stickies into App Cards, you can also use the integration to link Goals in Rhythm.

  1. Open the Rhythm Systems App in Miro.
  2. Select the "Link" tab, and select the App Cards for the Goals you want to link. Be sure to select both the Parent and the Child(ren).
  3. Choose the App Card you want to be the Parent Goal from the pick list. (You will only see options here for valid linking candidates. For example, a Quarter Priority can never be a parent of an Annual Priority in Rhythm, so those options will not show up in the list. Learn more about linking goals.)
  4. Once you choose Link Goals, you'll see the Child Goals linked up to the Parent you selected in Rhythm. There will be a frame in Miro with the Child App Cards in it and an arrow to the Parent App Card to show the link.