Reviewing Your Quarterly Plan

Use the 4 Plan Tests to ensure your plan is complete and sufficient to achieve your goals for a successful quarter

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Why Review Your Plan

Don't get halfway through the quarter and realize you are still not aligned on your Quarterly Plan. Set your team up for success by ensuring your plan is ready to execute on day 1 of the new quarter. After reviewing thousands of execution plans, our team identified 4 Plan Tests that help ensure your plan is complete and execution-ready:

  1. Focus Test: Do we have a focused plan to grow and improve our business?
  2. Financial Test: Does our plan help us achieve our financial goals?
  3. Energy Test: Do we have enough people working on our top priorities?
  4. Accountability Test: Do we have clear success criteria for all goals?

How to Review Your Plan

The Rhythm software will automatically run your Quarterly Plan through some questions for each of the 4 tests. You can use the Quarter Plan Tests feature to work your way through any parts of your Team's Quarterly Plan that may be missing or need adjustments.

  1. Go to Team Quarter Plan under Plan in the Execution menu
  2. Click on the Plan Tests tab
  3. For each of the 4 tests, the system will show a check if your plan passes and a warning if it fails
  4. You can click on the Warnings for more details and a link to the screen where you can fix any issues with your plan

Note: You may decide not to fix some of the issues with your team's plan. The software surfaces potential issues that you can decide whether or not to fix.