Rhythm + Microsoft Teams

If your company uses Microsoft Teams, you can add Rhythm as a Tab for quick and easy access to your Rhythm Dashboards.

Open in New Tab →

How to Add Rhythm to Teams

Many of our clients use Microsoft Teams. There's an easy way to bring your Rhythm Dashboards into this system:

  1. Open Teams
  2. Go to the channel where you want to add Rhythm
  3. Go to the top of the main area, and press the + sign.
  4. Add a tab: select "Website"
  5. Enter the URL of Rhythm. You can Copy the specific page you want to see from Rhythm from your web browser (for example, the direct URL to the Home screen), paste the URL into Teams, and press "Save."

  6. Go to the newly created tab, login to Rhythm and make sure you have "Remember Me" checked off:
  7. Now you have quick access to Rhythm from Microsoft Teams:

Once you've added the Tab for Rhythm, you will be able to access it along with all your other files and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams.