Rhythm v5 FAQs

You've got questions, we've got answers! 😀

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What’s the new link to access Rhythm?

Please bookmark this new link: https://app.rhythm.cloud


What happened to Actions and Annual Initiatives?

Don't worry! Everything is still here, just under a new name. Actions are now called Tasks, and Annual Initiatives are now called Annual Priorities.

We changed the names to simplify the terminology for new users, and we hope you'll find it easier, too, once you get used to the change.

Where are our KPI Scorecard and Custom Dashboard views?

These screens have a new home under "Home" in the Execution menu. Simply click on Home, switch the top context to Team and click the corresponding tab for the screen you are looking for.

Your KPI Scorecard is the same screen you are used to, and your Dashboards are now more powerful than ever. They aren't just for KPIs anymore - you can add any goals (Annual Priorities, Quarter Priorities, Winning Moves). And, they aren't just for teams anymore either. You can create as many custom Goal Dashboards for yourself as you need by switching the context to User.


Where is my Watchlist?

The User and Team Watchlists also have a new home under "Home" in the Execution menu. Simply click on Home, switch the top context to User or Team depending on which Watchlist you are looking for, and click the Goal Dashboards tab.

You’ll see a Dashboard for Watchlist with all the goals you had linked to your Watchlist in the previous version of Rhythm. You’ll see that you can now create multiple watchlists, and you can add Annual Priorities and Winning Moves now, too!


What happened to our Targets and Critical Numbers?

Your Targets and Critical Numbers are all KPIs in your Team list, and they are listed in the Goal Dashboard associated with the corresponding plan (for example, Annual Plan, Quarter Plan, 2 to 5 Year Plan).

If you set an Annual goal on a Target, you can see that on the associated KPI under the Green Success Criteria for the year. 

The Critical Number toggle is no longer available, but you can include "Critical Number" in your KPI Name if you want to indicate which of your KPIs are Critical Numbers.


Where's my Job Scorecard?

Your Job Scorecard is in our brand new Performance Management module! We've implemented a lot of improvements to make this more robust for performance management.


Where did the new KPIs in our list come from?

In the data conversion, new team KPIs were created for any 3-5 year targets you recorded in the Strategy > Winning Moves screen. These KPIs were also added to your 2 to 5 Year Plan Dashboard.

You may also see new KPIs that were created from the Desired Results on your Job Scorecard.

If you already have KPIs for these, or you don’t need them, feel free to delete them.


What if I have feedback to improve Rhythm?

We love to hear feedback from our clients, and we’d especially like to hear what you think about this new version. We launched a brand new product feedback discussion board where you can submit ideas and feedback for us as we build future updates to Rhythm.

Check it out here and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!


Where’s Rhythm Certification?

Our new Certification program is live! Check it out here, and watch out for more new courses coming soon.


Still have questions?

We are here to help! Please reach out to our Support Team: help@rhythmsystems.com.