Sharing Client/Employee Feedback

Capture and share important feedback from customers and team members

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Why Client/Employee Feedback Matters

One of the differences Jim Collins notes between Good companies and Great companies is that the Great companies intentionally took time to record and discuss client feedback regularly. 

It's essential for information to flow up to the executive team from the front lines - especially in companies that are growing quickly. It helps to keep the executive team connected to the heart of the business. It also provides valuable information that will be helpful in strategic discussions.

Also, recording all of your client/employee feedback in one place creates a historical record of this information rather than having it scattered in old emails or forgotten.

How to Capture Feedback in Rhythm

During your weekly meeting prep or throughout the week when you hear feedback from customers or your team, you can capture it in Rhythm to share with your team.

  • Go to Execution > Client/Employee Feedback under Collaborate
  • Hit the + to record who the feedback is from and what the client or team member said and click Save.
  • You can also flag an item for follow-up, collaborate with comments, create tasks, or attach files or links to feedback items.

TIP: Look for and celebrate examples of your customers or team members appreciating your Core Values.