Visualizing Goals with Strategy Connector

Chart the path from your individual goal all the way up to the company Winning Moves it supports

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Why the Strategy Connector Matters

Linking Goals is a powerful way to connect your plan to your team and your company strategy. The Strategy Connector provides a simple way to show the relationships between Quarter Priorities, Annual Priorities, KPIs, and Winning Moves.

Knowing how your goals connect to the bigger picture and impact other teams and the whole company's success helps you see how much your work matters.

Using the Strategy Connector Side Panel

  1. In a goal list screen, select the Parent icon
  2. If your goal is not linked up to anything, you can link it to an existing goal or create a new Parent goal from here.
  3. Click on the Strategy Connector icon to explore the goals your goal supports.
  4. You'll see the highest-level goals your goal supports in the dropdown menu. Depending on which parent goal you select, you'll see all the linked goals between your goal and the high-level goal:

  5. If there are different paths to the same goal (ie: you've linked the goal to multiple goals that lead back to the same parent at the highest level), you'll see a number to indicate the multiple paths (ie: WM1, WM2, etc).
  6. You can click to navigate to the other goals linked in the Strategy Connector as long as you can access them.

Note: If your goal is linked up a to goal that you need permission to access, you will only see the goal type and no other information about the goal. Ex:

Visualizing Goals in the Strategy Connector Map

In the map screen, you can explore the relations between a goal and all of its parents.

  1. Using the side panel, you can choose a Child Goal as a starting point, and the map will populate with all of the potential destination Parent Goals
  2. You can chart the path from the child goal to different parent goals. The selected path shows in a bold, solid outline on the map.
  3. You can click and drag the background of the map to move around the canvas. Use the icons to zoom in and out, reset the zoom, recenter the page, and download the map as an image.
  4. Dragging the goals around the map will pin them in place. Click the pin icon in the right toolbar to remove all the pins and begin exploring the map again.
  5. To view more details about the goals in the map, click on the goal name in the side bar to open the goal detail.