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Rhythm Systems’ Inaugural Breakthrough Talks Series at the 2018 Breakthrough Conference Draws High Praise

By Rhythm Systems

    October 16, 2018

    The first Breakthrough Talks series featured stories from 3 top middle market leaders at the 2018 JULIE COPELAND Breakthrough TalksBreakthrough Conference on October 11 at the Charlotte Marriott Center City in Charlotte, NC.

    CHARLOTTE, NC, October 16, 2018 The TED talk-inspired Breakthrough Talks series introduced at Rhythm Systems’ 2018 Breakthrough Conference—the premier conference for mid-market growth companies—received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.

    The 2018 Breakthrough Talks speakers included Scott Edgeworth, CFO of Alpha Guardian, Julie Copeland, CEO of Arbill, and Geoff Gray, Partner and EVP of Enterprise Accounts and Business Development at Signature Consultants. Each shared personal insights and stories colored by their rich experiences navigating challenges and opportunities as middle market leaders.

    As an attendee at this year’s Breakthrough Talks series, Dennis Ross of ARCA says, “Loved the human element of business that these sessions brought to the conference.”

    “I thought the speakers were fantastic and added value to the conference,” says ImageFIRST’s Executive Vice President Jay Juffre. “They each had a unique perspective, and they all selflessly conveyed a blend of leadership and execution. The entire audience could take something away to benefit their organization.”

    “I enjoyed all of the Breakthrough Talks series,” says Rhiannon James of Industrial Exchange. “I thought the decision to showcase three different C-suite speakers from varying backgrounds and companies was very informative. In particular, I thought that Julie Copeland's speech was inspirational. Hearing about Julie's leadership journey at Arbill was an eye opener into the challenges that she has faced with her company and how she has turned those into opportunities. The transformation story was admirable, and it was clear that her tenacity and belief in her mission (to make manufacturing safer) were key components of her success. I really enjoyed listening to her talk.”

    Chris Cosper, Rhythm Systems’ Head of Consulting says, “As consultants, we walk alongside our clients as they’re living these amazing stories, and we see the twists and turns and critical decisions they make that lead to success. There’s much to be learned from these real life experiences, and we’re excited to host this exclusive format for our clients to share and learn from each other.”

    The application process for the 2019 Breakthrough Talks speaker series will open Jan. 1, 2019. Please email Chris Cosper or information on how to submit your story for consideration.

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