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Patrick Thean

Speaker, CEO and Author

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About Patrick

CEO of Rhythm Systems Patrick Thean is the author of two Amazon Best Sellers, Predictable Results and Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth. He is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur and thought leader in strategic business execution who has worked with a range of companies (1,000+). Patrick offers his perspectives and patterns to help companies avoid getting blindsided and successfully achieve their dreams and goals.

Armed with his proven method and effective tools like Rhythm’s patented, cloud-based software, Patrick inspires teams, aligns them for action and coaches CEOs to make their strategies come alive.



Patrick served as Program Co-Chair for the world-renowned EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program for seven years. He also chaired a similar Malaysian program, Taipan: The Making of Asian Giants, for four years.

He grew his first company Metasys, Inc. to a ranking of 151 on the Inc. 500 list. While at Metasys, he was named an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for North Carolina in 1996.

Patrick received his Masters and Bachelors of Science degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

He is an active and longtime supporter of Samaritans Feet, a global organization focused on creating a world with zero shoeless children.

Patrick enjoys photography and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Pei-Yee, and two daughters, Joy and Nicole.


How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth

All growing companies encounter ceilings of complexity, usually when they hit certain employee or revenue milestones. To meet these challenges, a company must develop a reliable system that prompts leaders to be proactive and pivot when the need arises.

Patrick will share simple methods and tools that you can use immediately to help your team execute better and faster.

Patrick is known around the world for teaching growth companies about Think Plan Do: the three rhythms to get their teams focused, aligned and accountable.

  • Think Rhythm: A rhythm of strategic thinking to keep your teams focused and working on the future of your business.
  • Plan Rhythm: A rhythm of planning that will allow you to choose the right priorities and get your departments or divisions aligned with those priorities.
  • Do Rhythm: A rhythm of executing your plan and making effective and timely adjustments every week.


Thousands of users around the world are using the Think Plan Do Rhythm to achieve Breakthrough Execution.  The Results?

  • Record revenues and profits.
  • 300% increase in productivity.
  • Ability to execute top priorities 2x faster.
  • Patrick is known around the world for teaching companies about Think Plan Do: the three rhythms growth companies around the world are using to get their teams focused, aligned and accountable.

Come ready to work on your business!  Patrick will provide you 3 simple tools to "do" what he teaches so you can make an immediate impact on your business.


At the end of this workshop, attendees should know how to:

  • Pick the right winning move strategies to focus your team.
  • Connect your strategy to execution to get your team aligned.
  • Create and use leading indicators to make critical adjustments before it is too late.
  • Use the power of Red-Yellow-Green dashboards to drive results!

Rave Reviews

“It was spectacular. I had a great time working with my team and being led and mentored by Patrick; he really had a lot to offer. I brought my entire management team of five here. I particularly liked the exercises and the way he laid them out, explained them, set us up for them, let us work on them together and circled back at the end and gave us a way to implement it back at the office.”

Craig Fluty, EO Albany

“Patrick really packs a punch! He’s got so much stuff that’s amazingly simple to integrate into the business. I think the thing that’s really incredible is the tools are really profound in terms of what they can achieve, but the way he articulates them is so simple, well thought out, nicely structured and really scalable in my business.”

Godvindh Jayaraman, EMP Class of 2015, EO Ottowa

“I would recommend Patrick as a speaker definitely.  He’s super easy to work with, really funny guy, has a great way of communicating with any audience, very open and honest and willing to learn and change his presentation based on feedback from the audience or the client. He has a really great way of communicating with the audiences’ needs and really giving them take home value every single time."

Leslie Baum, EMP Director


“Since last year, we have been working with Patrick Thean and realized 20% additional annual growth after implementation of his Rhythm system. I met Patrick during an YPO event in Geneva and his presentation and workshop immediately resonated with me. Based on our own experience, I can strongly recommend an event with Patrick."

Peter Stas, Member, WPO Alpine

"Thank you for speaking at our ATSI conference. You mixed in humor, real world experience and practical advice in an easy to understand way. What's more, you left everyone wanting more!"

Gary Puddles, CEO, AnswerNet  

“A year ago Patrick did a half day session with our chapter here at BTN and it was an experience that really transformed our organization. We for the first time have organizational alignment, every employee went from having a different vision of the company to having a very clear vision of the company, we have daily huddles every morning at 8:04 AM, when we first implemented it I was scared to death all the engineers would say “No we can’t do that!’, and it’s now one of the things they love to do and we’re on track and have a great future ahead of us.”

Kelly Freeman, Network People


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