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Boring, unproductive planning sessions will never give you revolutionary results.

Shift to a better way to plan. Hire seasoned experts to facilitate your planning sessions, extract full value out of your team. Build a strong actionable plan for revenue boosting results.

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strategy facilitation
strategic planning facilitation

The world has changed, and your old school way of leading your planning session may not work anymore.

Your business needs to adapt.

You need a transformative, fresh plan that builds the future that you imagined for your business. You need solid strategies that all your teams actually believe in and can execute.

But that’s impossible if you're spending the entire planning session balancing the group dynamics, organizing materials, taking down notes, managing conversations & trying to get employees to open up.

Your job is to participate in the discussion. Your job is to use your knowledge of your industry and business to lead your teams to winning plans.

You can only do your job well if you hand over facilitation to someone else.

You know the goals you want your business to achieve. The problem is the how.

  • You are spending too much time prepping to facilitate the session instead of preparing yourself to have robust strategic discussions
  • Inexperienced facilitators run out of time with an incomplete plan and getting the team back together with all their crazy schedules is next to impossible
  • You don’t know the right questions to ask to draw out new perspectives & get to the root of problems
  • You avoid having difficult conversations from the fear of creating conflict
  • You think you leave with a good plan and don't understand why it never gets done. Quarter after quarter after quarter.....
  • You aren't questioning the validity of legacy decisions and biases about your organization and market
  • You're struggling to manage difficult personalities and deal with heightened emotions
  • Your employees defer to your opinion and are afraid of expressing unconventional ideas
  • You're suffering from low participation in your sessions and have difficulty gaining consensus
  • You get caught in a loop of the same-old ideas and don't have anyone to break your patterns
  • You have too many ideas and no way to prioritize the best ones for your company
  • You're unable to form a concrete action plan and your resources always fall short
  • You are not able to get your team totally aligned and committed to the plan
  • You fall short on assigning responsibilities to every individual and departmental plans fall out of sync
strategic planning facilitation

Take the stress out of your planning sessions.

Build actionable growth plans that keep your team focused and accountable week after week.

As former CEOs and executive leaders, every single Rhythm facilitator knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

We understand the challenges of running an organization filled with passionate, opinionated people and how difficult it is to get everyone on the same page. We’ve experienced many of the pitfalls that keep you from achieving your goals—and we're here to help you avoid them.

Avoid the mistakes so many CEOs before you have made. Get your teams on the right track and keep them there. Let an expert Rhythm facilitator structure a customized planning session to help you achieve your own breakthroughs!

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Extensive experience building actionable, high-growth plans

Our consultants have facilitated over 3,000 sessions and helped build 10,000+ growth plans over the course of 14 years.

Skilled at helping you create calculated winning moves

We've helped create winning moves that tripled revenues & replace old, unprofitable strategies with profitable new ones.

Can question internal assumptions and drive bold decisions

We've led discussions that caused businesses to diversify, change markets, build new products, double their profitability and more.

Here's what an unproductive planning session really costs your business:

It’s more than just the cost of two days’ salaries for your entire leadership team.

Missed revenue due to a
poorly-built plan that
doesn't optimize growth


A whole quarter or year lost
because you didn’t make
progress on key initiatives


Money wasted due to misalignment across the organization


Cost of low performance
that are not
accountable to their goals


Opportunity cost of
amazing ideas that were
never explored


Resources wasted on
strategies and initiatives
that failed to give results


Time wasted on pointless
discussions that did not
lead to a successful year


Loss of your competitive
as other businesses
execute killer strategies

You can afford a facilitator. You cannot afford an ineffective, unproductive planning session.

strategic planning facilitation

Don't waste your planning sessions creating plans that you never execute. Hire a Rhythm facilitator instead.

Where do you find your plan post-session?

Written on big easel pads and rolled up under your desk? Is it on your hard drive? Never shared with the company? Never broken down? Stowed away on a folder in your computer never to be touched again?

Don't let your precious planning sessions go to waste. Build and execute the best plan you will ever have, with experts guiding your entire process.

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A Rhythm facilitator will help you—

Create a custom agenda that clarifies your objectives for the planning session.

Your Rhythm facilitator will help you set the right goals and expectations for the meeting, so you and your teams know the outcomes that make it a successful session.

We'll build out the scope, criteria and the discussion points so you can come in and get right to business.

Prep for the planning session and make sure you're ready with all meeting materials.

Don't waste your team's time preparing content material, ensuring setup is correct and materials are in place, testing technology and sending invites.

Let the Rhythm facilitator handle the logistics while you focus on the actual strategy that will grow your business.

Review your previous performance and take stock of where you stand.

We will help you assess and explore your current conditions. Find out what’s working well, what’s broken, how the market has changed, what’s temporary and what has changed forever—and then build a plan that gears you for success.

Create a safe environment for honest discussions and manage conflict as it arises.

Don't let people problems seep into important discussions and hinder your decision-making. Let our skilled facilitators deal with rivalries within the group, so you can make the most out of your planning session and have difficult, open conversations without the fear of retribution.

Break down complex issues and test out your assumptions.

You want to make sure that the mistakes that stopped you from achieving your objectives in the past do not hurt your success in the future.

But for that, you need objective third-party leadership. You need to solve problems without biases. You need to analyze issues from different angles and debate the right solution.

That's exactly what our facilitators provide: we help you overcome the obstacles of planning and direct you to the right conversations.

Keep the discussion focused on key topics and use the time to its full potential.

Every minute of unnecessary tangents and off-topic discussions is costing you hundreds of dollars that your team could be making on the job.

Eliminate the chit-chat and get to the root of things with a Rhythm facilitator guiding you.

Rank your top ideas so you only focus on the ones that impact your business most.

Not every idea is worth investing your time and resources in. You need to find ideas that create high impact with the least amount of effort—and we will help you do exactly that.

We have facilitated hundreds quarterly planning sessions, and helped businesses zero in on the best ideas with no losers in the discussions.

Build actionable plans that are in sync with your organizational goals.

You have a vision for your business—and you need strategies that get you closer to it. But doing it alone is impossible. You need your team rallying behind you. You need help putting it into action.

Here's where our facilitators come in. We'll help you create execution-ready plans that drive towards your BHAG and ensure your teams know what their day jobs are contributing towards.

Get your entire team aligned and committed to the plan.

Getting everyone rowing in the same direction is hard.

But it's easier with a facilitator who creates a clear process for making decisions, addresses resistance and brings together different opinions to create a best-of-the-best plan that everyone is onboard with.

Our job is to ensure every idea is heard, all concerns are shared unreservedly and in the end, everyone is excited to do their bit for the plan!

Make sure everyone in the company understands the plan and their part in getting it done.

No plan is ready until every single contributor knows exactly what they need to do to make it a success.

By assigning responsibilities to every team and employee with clear success and failure criteria, our facilitators help you getting the plan from paper to reality.

Break your strategies down to bite-sized, executable pieces with the right KPIs and priorities.

Running the day-to-day business can get in the way of making progress on your annual and quarterly goals.

That's why Rhythm facilitators will help you break down your plans down to weeks and convert your goals to weekly KPIs that you can measure easily.

Keep your strategies front and center and review your progress every week, in a single glance.

Test out your plans so that you're never short on resources for execution.

Don't risk investing in a plan that's destined to fail.

We'll test your plans to make sure you have the resources needed to execute it effectively, fits your budget, drives revenue, has a clear success criteria and is linked to individual priorities across the organization.

We'll help you chip off all unrealistic parts of the plan, so it is truly achievable.

Choose the right planning session for your needs.

strategic planning facilitation

Strategic Planning Session

Build out the breakthrough long-term strategy that gets you to the top.

You have a hundred strategic ideas that you never bring to action. You're struggling to evaluate your options and make the right decision for your business. We know how that feels.

You need a winning long-term strategy that sets the path for the next 3-5 years for your business. You need a concrete plan that turns the vision you have for your business into reality.

But every planning session, you're too busy fielding ideas, managing logistics and dealing with conflict. With Rhythm facilitators, you never have to worry about all that.

Create a clear, winning strategic plan with an expert facilitator. We’ll help you:

Contact us for a Strategic Planning Session
  • Build your long term strategy, BHAG & 3-5 Year Goals
  • Create a Brand Promise to help you grow faster
  • Discover your core values and purpose
  • Set meaningful strategic targets for your business
  • Brainstorm potential strategies to increase revenue and profit and an actionable implementation plan
  • Rank and activate the most impactful revenue generating initiatives
annual planning facilitation

Annual Planning Session

Create an actionable annual plan that sets you up for a successful year.

Do you find yourself asking 'What was our yearly focus again?' every quarter? Find your annual plan a bit unrealistic when you're two quarters into the year and missing every target? Leave the annual planning session without a concrete idea on what needs to be done first?

Our facilitators help you run an effective session and develop the right plans— that move you to the next milestone on your long-term strategy, without overloading employees or resources.

We're here to make sure your plan actually gets executed!

Achieve your growth goals with a winning annual plan. We’ll help you:

Contact Us for an Annual Planning Session
  • Review the past year to identify successful patterns and lessons learned
  • Discuss high-level strategy and the specific goals that you want to accomplish
  • Determine your top 3-5 priorities for the year that are ambitious but realistic
  • Evaluate the impact of ideas on business growth and your ability to achieve them
  • Break your annual plan down to quarters and weeks & identify key milestones to make it easy to execute
  • Create an inspiring theme to keep your team motivated and focused
  • Create measurable KPIs and priorities so you have visibility on your progress
  • Build a communication plan to share with the rest of the company

Quarterly Planning Session

Drive your strategy forward with an execution-ready quarterly plan.

There's no room for sloppy execution anymore.

Build tight quarterly plans that help you stay on track with your annual goals with the help of facilitators who review your quarter and make adjustments so you never go completely off-road with your long-term plans.

Keep your teams focused, aligned, and executing with super-high levels of accountability at all times. Make every quarter the best it can be with Rhythm.

Get aligned & build solid quarterly plans with a facilitator. We’ll help you:

Contact us for a Quarterly Planning Session
  • Review the Ending Quarter and find where you stand with your annual goals
  • Decide what you need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing to stay on track
  • Determine the top 3-5 priorities for the upcoming quarter
  • Develop quarterly company and individual priorities with success metrics
  • Build KPIs that help you measure progress on your priorities
departmental planning

Departmental Planning Session

Create departmental and individual priorities aligned with and linked to your company plan.

All your plans are a waste, unless you bridge the gap between strategy and day-to-day implementation. And the only way to do that is to get every employee in every department aligned to your company plan.

Our facilitators will ensure every department knows their top priorities for the first 90 days, in line with the company plan, and each individual knows their priorities in line with the departments.

We'll ensure your work is contributing to the bigger goals— so you're not just working hard, but also towards the future of your business.

Close the strategy-execution gap. We’ll help you:

Contact Us for a Dept. Planning Session
  • Communicate the plan to the entire organization so everyone knows the goals they're driving towards.
  • Determine every team's top 3-5 priorities and individual priorities for each team member.
  • Ensure your team and individual priorities are aligned with the company's plan.
  • Assign Red-Yellow-Green success criteria to each priority.
  • Share the plans with other departments so that all teams understand how the whole company is working.
  • Create departmental and individual priorities aligned with and linked to your company plan.
strategic planning facilitation

Custom Planning Session

Get the strategic support you need and resolve pressing issues with a customized planning session.

Have a particular goal you need to achieve within the next six months and need to plan out your path with your teams? Need a gameplan to solve a particularly troublesome issue? Have an exciting new opportunity that you need to explore with your team? We can help!

We're flexible on the duration and the type of session you need: whether you need a two day strategy session or three half-days to work on your quarterly plan, our facilitators can tailor the program to fit your specific needs.

Identify the right research, data, and input needed and customize your agenda and logistics for your session. Let experts help you navigate complex issues and build the plan you need for success!

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Virtual Planning Session

Don't settle for subpar virtual planning sessions. Let experts lead you to the best plan you've ever built.

Don't let virtual planning threaten your company's success. Adapt to changing conditions and have virtual sessions that are effective as your on-site sessions. Don't get side-tracked by conversations that don't matter—engage your team with an expert Rhythm facilitator.

Share information in real time and collaborate more efficiently that you would in in-person sessions.

Our facilitators have led hundreds of highly focused virtual planning sessions that have steered businesses to the right path. Transform your sessions from lifeless and tiring to fun and productive, and make planning more flexible—with facilitators who know what they're doing.

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Our clients have seen transformative results with just one facilitation session. See the difference we can make for your business, today.

It is impossible to facilitate and fully participate in your own planning session at the same time.

Do better. Give your team and your business an opportunity to thrive. Let the best ideas be heard. Hire an expert facilitator.

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Rhythm facilitators have worked and built 3000+ growth plans for businesses in diverse industries such as:

  • icon-Desktop Technology
  • icon-services Services
  • icon-Bandaids Healthcare
  • icon-Package Distribution
  • icon-cpg CPG
  • icon-Buildings Manufacturing
  • icon-Storefront Retail
  • icon-UserCirclePlus Staffing
  • icon-PlusCircle And Many More

Get the most ROI out of your strategic planning with our expert facilitation.

Stop building half-hearted strategies and plans that do not impact your revenue and waste your time. Give your business and your teams strong, actionable plans that contribute towards the future you've dreamed of, with Rhythm facilitation.

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