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Rhythm Systems Launches “My Work” and “People EnergyMap” Tools to Boost Employee Productivity, Accountability and Collaboration

By Rhythm Systems

    May 14, 2015

    Strategy execution software for mid-market organizations also unveils new interface for added functionality and improved user experience.

    CHARLOTTE, NC, May 14, 2015Rhythm Systems, provider of the industry’s only solution that combines patented strategy execution software with management consulting for mid-market organizations, today announced its new “My Work” and “People EnergyMap” tools, aimed at accelerating employee productivity, accountability and team collaboration. My Work is an innovative daily collaboration and performance management tool within Rhythm Systems’ patented strategy execution software that helps employees work on their daily plans and acts as an accountability assistant.

    Much of today’s workforce operates back-and-forth among different to-do lists, making it difficult and cumbersome to complete certain objectives. My Work helps individual employees determine what their daily priorities and tasks are, and enables managers to keep their teams accountable and on-track to achieve company goals.

    People EnergyMap is a new, first-of-its-kind tool that gives teams the ability to focus with direction by outlining specific KPIs, group priorities and individual priorities owned by a team member in any given quarter. With color-coded icons to show progress on each distinct task, managers can ensure they’re not overloading team members with too many priorities per quarter, while also gaining insight into when employees and teammates need assistance to reach specific goals.  

    My Work’s key features include:

    • Comments Stream – A new activity stream collates all of an employee’s and group’s comments to harness the collective intelligence of teams and easily collaborate across an organization. Users can create new comments as well as read and reply to comments from one screen, enabling quick communication to get work done.
    • “Needs Attention” Screen – This new screen lists all upcoming and overdue actions items, key performance indicators and priorities that need a status update, and recent meeting note entries. With this screen, employees can easily determine what tasks need immediate attention or follow up each day, improving productivity and accountability.
    • Rhythm News – A news section on the dashboard provides product updates, coaching tips, and blog posts to help employees work more efficiently and effectively.
    • Help Your Team – Managers can easily select an employee to view their progress toward achieving daily tasks and goals, enabling them to provide help and support where needed.

    “We created My Work and People EnergyMap in an effort to help not just the individual employee be more productive and efficient, but also help managers know when their team members need assistance,” said Patrick Thean, CEO and co-founder of Rhythm Systems. “We’re excited to launch these tools to help teams collaborate better, improve performance and stay focused to achieve goals.”

    In addition, Rhythm Systems also enhanced its interface for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, as well as improved functionality. Enhancements to the new interface include docked navigation menu, composite lists that remain expanded, the ability to navigate between items in a list, additional formatting capability for notes, improved visibility and more.

    Rhythm Systems provides a strategy execution software designed for mid-market organizations to drive execution, accelerate growth and achieve measurable success.  It facilitates airtight execution and accountability for CEOs and their departmental teams by ensuring all employees are aligned with and working toward long-term, annual, quarterly, weekly and daily goals. Rhythm Systems’ solution combines patented strategy execution software, management consulting and step-by-step, practical tools and resources designed to help all employees execute for faster, smarter growth.

    About Rhythm Systems

    Rhythm Systems is a provider of the industry’s only solution that combines a complete, cloud-based strategy execution software platform with the best practices of management consulting to help mid-market companies drive airtight execution and accountability, empowering their teams to grow smarter. Rhythm Systems’ solution is equipped with step-by-step embedded methodologies and workflows that are proven to get executive teams and departments focused, aligned and executing as a team to achieve business objectives and long-term success. In addition, Rhythm users have access to all the tools, analytics, materials, and even one-on-one consulting to help facilitate execution and reach objectives with frequency, discipline and predictability. Founded in 2006, Rhythm Systems has helped hundreds of companies build and maintain strong habits to think, plan and do the work necessary to drive execution, accelerate growth and achieve measurable success. CEO and Co-founder Patrick Thean’s book, “Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth,” was published in April 2014 and recently hit No. 3 on the Amazon Best Seller Rank for Kindle. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @RhythmSystems.

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