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Rhythm Systems Unveils New Software Features at InterGrowth 2018

By Rhythm Systems

    May 08, 2018 Strategy Execution

    Strategy execution software supports balanced scorecard, increases business review horizon.

    CHARLOTTE, NC – Rhythm Systems is excited to partner with InterGrowth 2018 as a sponsor of the 2018 ACG TechShowcase. During the TechShowcase, Rhythm is unveiling a significant expansion of its mid-market strategy execution software, Rhythm.

    CEOs of mid-market organizations use Rhythm software to execute critical initiatives that drive growth: including acquisitions, scaling operations, opening new markets and launching new products.  Each of these growth opportunities can be endangered when organizations operate in silos and operate cross-functionally. Rhythm eliminates the impact of chaos on growth initiatives by streamlining the work of multiple departments who need to have real-time information, clear and effective communication across the initiative and centralized project data and information.

     The new product features that Rhythm Systems have added to its software enable executives to more clearly visualize their balanced scorecard (BSC) through enhanced reporting. Executives can now review business trends on a longer time horizon thanks to the addition of KPI charting to track progress to goal over time and allow your team to be more agile.

     Rhythm Systems provides the industry’s only solution that combines patented software with management consulting and facilitation. According to Petra Fonjak, the learning and development lead for Infobip, a global communications platform for business, “Rhythm is helping us scale strategic moves globally.” Fornak, who serves as Infobip’s Rhythm expert, noted, “So far it’s been working really well for us.”

     Founded in 2006, Rhythm Systems has helped hundreds of companies build and maintain strong habits to think, plan, and do the work necessary to drive execution and accelerate growth.  Rhythm helps mid-market companies achieve measurable success creating thousands of execution ready quarterly plans based to achieve the growth outlined in their winning annual plans. CEO and co-founder Patrick Thean has authored two bestselling books on the subject: Results: How Successful Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win (2017) and Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth (2014).

     Rhythm Systems is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information on our products and services, visit where you can subscribe to the Rhythm Blog, or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Contact us at 704-209-7290 or by email at