Focus, Alignment, & Accountability For Your Executive Team and Beyond

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Strategy and Execution for Teams

The premium plan helps your team go beyond goal management and set the right foundation to master game-changing habits and keep them focused and aligned week after week.

Track Goals Effectively


Introduce strong planning and execution habits and achieve better focus, alignment, and accountability.

Make Planning Easy

Turn ideas into goals with one click

No longer are the days of jotting down planning ideas in unofficial documents never to become reality.

Brainstorm, strategize, and make timely decisions as a team in one place. Turn ideas into goals with one click.

From long-term strategy down to quarterly planning, you’ll find our system is designed to make any type of planning feel second nature.

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Stay Aligned With Winning Habits

Say goodbye to delayed quarterly planning and dreaded status meetings.

Know what conversations to have as a team each week, how to make adjustments quickly, and keep everyone genuinely engaged and aligned.

Dedicated Coaching and Support

White-Glove Onboarding and Ongoing Support

With the premium plan, you receive a white-glove onboarding process and ongoing support that optimizes your time and provides value with every touchpoint.

Our coaches will review your plan, set up weekly dashboards, help you run better weekly meetings, and successfully train your team to adopt the system.

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You are one decision away from moving closer to your goal. Start now with the premium plan.