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Performance Management

Align employee efforts with organizational objectives

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The Rhythm of Work
High-performance teams have a specific rhythm of work with intentional checkpoints to review what's working and what's not and where to make necessary adjustments.

This is critical to getting the right things done at the right time and in the correct sequence.
Rhythm Performance Management integrates your performance management practice with your strategy execution.  This improves the Daily Focus of your staff and Leadership of your management team.
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Performance Management with Rhythm Systems

Rhythm Systems designed its Performance Management with a fundamental question: 

What if your Performance Management practice was completely aligned with your Strategy Execution? 

Since then, we've improved a system where performance management aligns perfectly with strategy execution, and we're thrilled to show you how it works in the following section.

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Rhythm performance management system is praised as a "game changer" for our company, streamlining goal alignment and consolidating performance data in one platform. It fosters transparency with weekly progress updates and ensures that performance reviews are fully aligned with job scorecards, promoting a culture of clarity and accountability.
It is light years better than what we were doing before.
Sierra Hedrick - ProChant

Problems commonly observed in traditional approaches to Performance Management


Companies often experience a separation between strategy execution and performance management.


Performance review goals for individual staff members often do not align with the company's growth objectives.


Staff-level growth goals are commonly forgotten or overlooked until performance review time, leading to frustration.


This cycle repeats yearly, causing widespread dissatisfaction during the performance review process.

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Did you know?

24% of employees perceive reviews as unfair and demotivating
22% of employees reported that they’d even burst into tears during their review
58% of executives believe their current performance review system doesn’t result in increased performance
More than 50% of managers feel burned out
Disengaged employees have a 15% lower profitability for a company

Rhythm Systems is the Solution

What if your Performance Management practice seamlessly aligned with your Strategy Execution, ensuring clear expectations and eliminating communication breakdowns between leaders and staff?
Employees who connect their goals to the company's objectives are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged. 
So let’s do that.

With Rhythm Systems, performance management is for the entire organization, not just the individual.  This solution centers on strategic growth for all.

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How Rhythm Systems helps Everyone in Performance Management



 Stops wasting time and talent on inefficient processes. Initiates steps to cultivate a high-performance culture and connects performance to tangible business results.

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HR Director

Able to provide an easy and integrated performance management solution for everyone in the company.

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Team Leader

Connects performance management to strategy execution to ensure the team is focused on the right work.


Team Member

Enjoys time to reflect on the progress and growth goals instead of dreading the uncertainty of tedium.

How Rhythm Systems is redesigning Performance Reviews

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Goal Alignment

Integrate performance management into strategy execution with the Rhythm of Work.
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This convergence of strategy execution and performance management occurs as individual goals, recorded and reviewed weekly in the Rhythm software, seamlessly integrate into your workflow.
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No longer confined to a separate system, performance management becomes an integral part of ongoing execution.

1:1 Meeting

Understand team members' goals and motivations and ultimately, their long-term career development.
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Set up the right KPIs and metrics that help you measure your performance.
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Keep it simple to establish regular 1:1 meetings with clear agendas.
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Ensure that 1:1 conversations are happening on a regular basis for everyone in the organization
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Our 4-Step Process

Our Performance Review system is straightforward, efficient, and well-structured. We offer a systematic approach that is monitored for both managers and staff members.
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Employees conduct a self-assessment and evaluate their performance against goals and alignment with core values.
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Managers assess the same criteria and offer feedback to the staff using a straightforward rating scale and comments for both goals and core values.
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Then, both parties coordinate a review meeting to delve into the feedback and gain insights.

Performance Review Guides

Review meetings, especially for new managers, can be challenging. To help, we've included template agendas and tips for structuring your discussions.
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Weekly reviews have ensured transparency in job goal execution, eliminating any unexpected developments.
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Make the review meeting an enjoyable experience for both the reviewer and the reviewee.
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Additionally, our full consulting team is available to assist you in integrating performance management routine into your system.
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Leader Views

Empower leaders to easily track upcoming and past meetings, enhancing organizational clarity and productivity.
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Leaders can quickly view scheduled and completed meetings, improving coordination and resource management.
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HR leaders can identify managers in need of assistance and offer help quickly and easily.
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Clear visibility into meetings promotes team accountability, boosting productivity and performance.

We will help you through!

Besides our leadership training and guidance during implementation, we're here for the long haul. Our help doesn't stop once things are up and running; we're committed to sticking around to support your organization's growth. With regular check-ins, performance reviews, and access to updated resources, we'll keep you on track and moving forward.

Let's work together to build a strong leadership culture and achieve lasting success.

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Rhythm Triangle

Performance Management
with Rhythm Systems

Let us assist your organization in achieving a breakthrough! Connect employee performance to business goals, and we'll handle the challenging aspects. This ensures that your managers and staff are engaged, happy, and fulfilled in their work, ultimately contributing to your company's success and helping you reach your growth goals.

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