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Ask Patrick

Talk Business with Ask Patrick

Your teams can now Ask Patrick, our Rhythm AI business coach, all their strategy and goal-related questions right from the Rhythm software.  Ask Patrick has two decades of business expertise at its core. Chat with your new business coach anytime. 

Ask Patrick questions like:

  • What are examples of goals for HR managers to track?
  • I've been behind on my KPI 3 weeks in a row. What do I do?
  • I want to double my revenue. What should I do first?
  • What are some ideas for generating new sales leads?
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Goal Writing

Let AI Write SMART Goals

It's no secret that well-written clear goals lead to higher performance. Go from generic goals and missed deadlines to specific and measurable goals your teams can execute using the help of our AI-powered goal-writing coach.

AI Goal Writing Coach
Plan Reviews

Let AI Build You A Better Plan

Stop wondering if your plan is good enough. With one click, our quarter plan test will show you what your plan is missing.  Head into every quarter confidently knowing you have an execution-ready plan with the resources to execute it.

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