How to Win with Red-Yellow-Green (Slideshare)

By Jessica Wishart

In working with thousands of companies around the world, our consultants have learned that for most win-with-red-yellow-green.jpgcompanies the weakest link in executing business plans is not having clear success criteria. Often, companies will invest the time and resources to create a solid plan for the quarter, complete with Key Performance Indicators and Priorities. However, if they stop here, these companies could run hard and fast all quarter only to find that they were not aligned on what the objectives were for the plan. This is the pitfall we want to avoid - unless you set aside the time to establish and agree upon clear success criteria for your quarterly plan, you could work very hard and still not accomplish much. 

We recommend using a simple yet powerful Red-Yellow-Green method of setting success criteria. This will help you execute your plan with precision and alignment so you can win as team.


 Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Jessica Wishart


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images