What's Your #1 Business Challenge?

By Paige Wilcox

executive team alignment

dateFri, Feb 21, 2020 @ 11:03 AM

What's the #1 challenge affecting your business today? Christine Rutherford, our Head of Growth ceo looking out windowandStrategic Partnerships, and Juan Sosa, our Rhythm Onboarding and Training Expert, dug in to that topic during their "The Framework to Align Your Strategic Efforts and Your Executive Team" webinar.

The attendees voted and identified the following as their #1 business challenge:

  • 46% - Team Alignment/Execution
  • 41% - Making My Strategic Plan Actionable
  • 30% - Growth
  • 14% - Talent/Building Accountable Teams

Organizational alignment starts with the executive team. It is crucial for an executive team to be on the same page before cascading plans to the rest of the organization. Otherwise, the plans become susceptible to a lack of clarity and adoption—consequences of which include wasted time, energy, trust and resources.

Rutherford and Sosa iterate how Rhythm Systems uniquely supports team alignment and managing growth by providing:

  • The Rhythm of Work Framework and habit development to build high-performing teams
  • Cloud-based software that helps drive effective weekly adjustment (not status update) meetings to keep teams aligned, focused and accountable on moving annual and quarterly plans successfully forward
  • Strategy and Execution Planning Experts to provide clarity and alignment through onboarding and training programs (among other rich resources)

So why do top CEOs across industries like Technology, CPC, Manufacture, Healthcare and FinTech choose Rhythm? Rutherford highlights cases of mid-market companies turning to Rhythm to align around a "single source of truth" and hone in on the priorities that the company needs to be focused on in order to meet their goals.

Hear more from our team in the full recording here, and share in the Comments below what your #1 business challenge is!

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